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The Hospital… creative writing.

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THE HOSPITAL... "Aesha Macci?" The nurse called softly, as I entered the ward "Yeah that's me", I replied as I walked through the corridor, which seemed to drag along. I walked up to the desk really slowly as it were a terrifying beast ready to devour me just as I reached it. My mum was right next to me and my sister was tagging along behind us. Since I had entered the hospital building I had been feeling very nervous and obviously scared. The ward was empty and all I could hear were footsteps across the squeaky floor. And the slight echoes of the nurses' whispers. "Welcome to ward 28" she said in a very polite tone. "Thank you very much" I replied, nervously. "Don't worry we will look after you. We wont eat you", I couldn't help myself but to laugh a little. "That's better, we like to see smiles on everybody's face", that defiantly made me feel better. "Come on, I'll show you to your bed" I followed behind her slowly while my mum filled in some details at the desk. We entered an empty bay with six beds, three on one side and another three on the opposite side. ...read more.


The doctor made herself comfortable on the bed and got her pen ready. "I'm just going to ask you a few questions and tell you why you are here. Alright lets begin." I never really did think why I was going to hospital-I was too nervous. The question had finished and now was the explanation. "Do you know why you're in hospital?" "Is it because I'm under weight?" "Yes that's the main point. It is because you are under weight, very under weight so we want to observe on what you eat and drink. And also how often you go to the loo. We also want to take a few tests to see why you are under weight and to see if there is anything wrong inside your body". That was the reason why I was in hospital. I was a little bit more sacred now that she sake tests, she must have been a mind reader because she then said "don't worry they are only a couple of blood tests", I was so relived when she said that. Then finally she left, but as she was leaving another nurse came in, she was wearing a white plastic apron over he hospital uniform that was a sky blue polo t-shirt ...read more.


I was really beginning to get sick and tired of the constant screaming and crying of the babies. And I also realised I had forgotten to take my book, so now I was stuck with nothing to do. The play specialist did offer me a few puzzles but as my arm was sill numbed by the cream I was unable to do them. Not until after I had, had my dinner did the doctor come back to take my blood test. I followed her nervously but not as nervous as the play specialist. We entered a room stacked with syringes and medicines, and the room smelt of really strong antiseptic. I was told to take a seat on 'the big brown chair', which was covered with a large sheet of what seemed a tissue. As I took my seat, the training play specialist took one beside me, and the doctor opposite me. As she peeled of the cling film looking label from my arm, she told me to keep still. I didn't feel a thing when the needle went in or when it came out. I was surprise but glad. The day had finally come to an end. I survived my first day in hospital. But was not looking forward to spending two weeks in hospital. Maybe more. By: Aesha Macci 11R ...read more.

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