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The Hotel - The warmest welcome in town

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The Seaview Hotel is located off the main promenade, but close to transport services and local amenities, in a very romantic environment. It is situated in a busy seaside town, in the affluent area of Watersmead. A premier coastal resort in the British Isles, it is also home to a major conference center. We guarantee you will find it a perfect venue for your weekend breaks business meetings and private functions. The Seaview Hotel offers extensive fully air-conditioned meeting & dinning facilities, our restaurant offer, delicious meals throughout the day. Enjoy superb cuisine and vegetarian dishes. Our main conference room, the centennial suit is a large oblong shaped room, which has its own bar and wine dispense area. The hotel is capable of offering a formal banquet for up to 180 and a conference for 150 people. We have a full range of state of the art audiovisual equipment along with well-trained technicians to support. Over the years, we have developed an unequalled reputation for hosting successful conferences and social events. The Hotel The hotel has a number of prestigious rooms available for hire from Friday night till Sunday evening. ...read more.


I suggest using some of the national press, local papers, The Good Hotel Guide, the hotel and catering magazines and the distribution of fliers. I will present a cost analysis of the marketing strategy of all the above. I have attached to this proposal, packages for special events to attract customers all year round to liven up our quiet periods. Booking Procedures After discussing your requirements and date, all you have to do is place a provisional booking with us and we will hold your reservation for 14 days. To secure your booking, simply send us a deposit of � 300.00, only refundable after 15 days in writing and confirmation during the reservation period. We will reply, confirming details of your booking and deposit paid. Deposit Please note that bookings, for which we have not received the deposit within the 14-day provisional booking period, cannot be held. Advance For bookings made more than months in advance, the prices offered at the time of the original booking may be subject to change. Three months before the reception date firm prices and menu and wine list availability will be confirmed to you and the menu agreed. ...read more.


The crame (duck hare) or cheese goes with full-bodied red wines or dry red wines (Burgundies, claret, Chranti Bordeaux red, & hermitage red). The deserts go with sweet white wines or sparkling wines (sauternes or Champagne) In some cases many customers preferred occasionally to drink sweet white wine with lamb for quick digesting. They should never be made to think that their choice is wrong in anyway. In other way we need to give help and advice when requested. Some fortified wines are best drunk as appetites, which is usually consumed before the meal to stimulate the appetites. The wines need to be served at the correct temperatures to bring the full flavour and bouget. * Dry white wines and Rose wines should be between 7-12�c(43-54�f) * Semi-sweet white wines, champagne and sparkling wines should be between 7-10�c (45-50�f) as the sparkling red wines are usually served chilled. * Red wines room temperature 18�c (65�f) but some customers prefer light red wine to be served slightly colder at approximately 10-12�c (50-54�f) Contents Page The Warmest Welcome in town. 1 The Hotel. 2 To Produce a Booking system for functions and Conferences, Basic rules of menu planning and basic principles of Producing a wine list. 3 Booking procedures 4-5 Brief reports of wine lists 6 1 1 ...read more.

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