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The Hound Of The Baskervilles "How Does the Author use Pathetic Fallacy in his Descriptions of the Settings and the Effects of this Open the Reader".

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English Higher Coursework-The Hound Of The Baskervilles "How Does the Author use Pathetic Fallacy in his Descriptions of the Settings and the Effects of this Open the Reader" Helen Allman The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is an excellent book, and is held up as one of the best mysteries in the literary world. Holmes, the well-known detective, is asked to investigate the death of Charles Baskerville, which many believe to be the work of the ferocious hound, a curse brought about by the misdeeds of Charles' ancestor, Hugo Baskerville. When Sir Henry inherits the estate, Holmes must solve the mystery before another Baskerville meets his end. This essay will analyse how Doyle uses pathetic fallacy in his descriptions of the settings and the effects of this upon the reader. This book is absolutely bursting with personifications, alliterations, metaphors and similes which all add to the drama and excitement which flows throughout. Doyle has a great use of language to help keep the reader interested and wanting to know more and more as the story gets more thrilling and intriguing as it progresses towards the end. ...read more.


Many believe that Doyle's use of language makes the reader use their imagination to such an extent that it creates a powerful image that would be very similar to that of any other reader. Such descriptive words make the story seem just that little bit more realistic and believable, i.e. ""What is that?" A long, low moan, indescribably sad, swept over the moor. It filled the whole air, and yet it was impossible to say whence it came. From a dull murmur it swelled into a deep roar, and then sank back into a melancholy, throbbing murmur once again. Stapleton looked at me with a curious expression in his face." Instead of Doyle saying, " a sound came across the moor" he uses such words as "indescribably sad", "swept over", "dull murmur", "swelled" and "melancholy" to add to the intensity of the story and to make the reader picture each part of the account clearly and precisely. "...A maze of fantastic tracery in wrought iron, with weather- bitten pillars on either side, blotched with lichens, and summounted by the boars' heads of the Baskervilles. The lodge was a ruin of black granite and bared ribs of rafters, but facing it was a new building, half constructed" This is ...read more.


This helps the reader understand not just the convict but also the moor more clearly and also provides as likable relationship between the two especially seeing as the convict has to make the moor his home and learn to survive along side it. The convict is not the only personality in this novel to have the characteristics of someone with a sinister mind. There is Stapleton, how in the end is revealed as the murderer, this man is freakily at home in the moor, which is somewhat unusual seeing how inhospitable it really is. This cold, callous man is somewhat devious and extremely mysterious, leaving most of his past well and truly in the past until it is cleverly uncovered by the excellence of Sherlock Holmes. This all relates to the moor, the moor is described as a very dangerous, daunting and deep place, this builds up suspense and atmosphere for the reader. It also seems that the moor has hidden secrets and depth of within the sinister, looming past. To conclude this is a very successful novel, and has become a classic murder mystery book. Doyle has wrote a long line of top selling books using many of the same methods to keep the reader engaged in the storyline. ...read more.

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