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The House on Maple Street

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The House on Maple Street I felt strange being in my house, it's like there's a secret about it that I don't know. I thought whilst eating my dinner. "Do you want more eggs?", My mum asked me. "No thanks", I replied, half in a daze. I put my plate in the dishwasher and turned on the television. The news said there would be lift-off on Maple Street. What, there is no space shuttle on Maple Street? I thought. "The spaceship will go off in 30 minutes", the man on TV said. I turned off the TV and went into my room. I lay on my bed, exhausted. I felt that something wasn't right. Then my mum burst into my room, looking flustered. " I looked on the news and saw our house lifting off into space." She said. "There's something strange about this house." I told my mum. I felt like I was in an aeroplane about to take off. I looked out the window and saw that there were rocket boosters on the bottom of the house. ...read more.


She began screaming and everyone was really worried. I moved the joystick left and the house went left. "This is so cool', I said. I noticed that we were about 200 feet from the ground. I pressed a green button and the house went faster and faster. I looked out the window and I couldn't see the ground anymore. The next minute it got darker and we got out of the Earth's atmosphere. I pressed a button and wings came out from the sides. We were heading towards the sun about to burn up and I turned the joystick to the right and found myself inside the Asteroid Belt. There was asteroids hitting the shield and the shield broke. "What are we going to do now?", I said. There was an asteroid coming towards the house. I moved the joystick up and the asteroid missed. We were heading for 5 asteroids. I saw a danger button in red. I pressed it anyway. A missile came out of one of the wings and destroyed 3 of the asteroids. ...read more.


The door opened and the shield turned off. " Why are we here?" I asked my mum. "I think it might have something to do with N.A.S.As secret project to send man to live on the moon. We must be the family that they chose to send to the moon. "But I don't want to live on the moon!", I moaned. "Can we go back?! Is it too late?" "I don't think so" said my mum. "Get back into that passage way there might still be time to go back!" I climbed back into the passage way and I pressed the button. I grasped the joystick and the house began to shake and lift off. It was a perfect lift off. Before we knew it we were back on earth again. I lay down in my bed and breathed a sigh of relief. I opened my eyes, stretched, and let out a yawn. 'What a strange dream', I thought. Not the usual kind. Why, dreaming in the mind of an eight year old driving the house?! Ridiculous! I walked to my bedroom window and looked out. "I cant believe this! The house is taking off! Help!" I called my parents. Maybe it wasn't all a dream. ...read more.

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