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The House On The Hill.

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The House On The Hill. It was a dark night in nettle town, a swarm of thunder clouds were creeping along the sky toward the flashes of lightening. As the rain poured faster out of the sky the drains along the sides of roads gradually flooded out onto the tarmac flood plain. People around the town were rushing as if a lion were near but instead because of the crashing droplets destroying their comfort of warmth. They all galloped across the streets aiming for their front door or at least a bus shelter. Unfortunately though it was Halloween and five mindless teenagers were not going to give up on their 'Trick or Treat' round for a mire splash of cold water. "Come on you guys don't be a bunch of wimps!" Alex was probably the biggest cyco of the group, trying to arrange a trip into the supposedly haunted house on the top of Ashley Crescent hill. "Don't be stupid Alex, if we get caught trespassing, we'll be grounded for weeks maybe even months!" This is David talking now also known as Mr Lindop since he has acted like a teacher right from his first kiss by Mss Johnston in primary school. ...read more.


Everyone was really impressed but when he opened he box the glowing faces and bright eyes faded away. "Its not my fault there aren't any matches, I mean its not as if I bought them is it." So the Hero has let he group down tremendously but since it was Halloween anything could happen, good or bad. "Wait a sec I got this little key-ring torch that I got out of a cracker last year." Guy managed to get the group into the kitchen of the house by following his thin thread of light down the hallway. The kitchen was very warm, it felt like the oven had been on and a musty sent drifted overhead like a cloud floating by. The five then had another problem occur, the torch died out! "Oh great, this is just marvellous, absolutely ....." Well we won't repeat what Alex said after this point since this is a U rated story. Guy Sweetman The House On The Hill Imagine what is running through these kids heads. They are in a haunted house with no light and a few strange things keep occurring. ...read more.


Richards's brother Mike was astonished that the teenagers ran off because of a few squeaks in the floorboards. "Oh, but I understand you see, your brothers friend David had a dream five years ago about this night but he was to ashamed to admit it so he's going to let his dream become reality!" The same voice that the teenagers heard swept across the house as if it was being amplified. The two boys were terrified. Suddenly a strange figure appeared in front of the boys. It was a tall man, he was wearing ripped clothes with blood stains all over them, his shoes had been removed to show on his feet two marks, it looked like nails had been hammered through his feet and left to go rusty, the arms and legs that he dragged around where black and blue with bruising and his smile was horrific. "Your brother and his friend David murdered me in their past life and I will not rest until I have my revenge." The ghastly figure gargled flem in his throat like it was mouthwash. Two years later The two ten year olds were never seen again but everybody in Nettle Town still remembers the shriek that echoed through the town on that fateful Halloween night. Guy Sweetman ...read more.

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