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The House

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The House Sam sighted the dilapidated house first. Sam shivered, as though, ice trickled down his spine. Large fissures were seen in its thatched roof and green weeds cloaked the mysterious garden. The moonlight casted a ghoulish glow on the house. To conceal the fear that traveled down their spines, the boys kept a steady stream of chatter. With a display of bravad, they sauntered through a gap in the wall and slogged through a tangle of weeds until they stood before the colossal front door. ...read more.


Cracked ceiling and hideous holes appeared as if the were there since the dawn of time, which reeked of stagnant water and ancient dirt. In the center there was antique chandelier made of broken glass hanging precariously from the centre of the shabby roof. All over there were broken marble pillars with horrendous looking statues and ghastly carvings on the primeval walls. There was a sudden stillness about the room with feint light evoking from the melted candles. A deteriorating spiral stair case wound its way up to the shabby and ill decorated rooms. ...read more.


It was a long and pitch dark corridor which looked like an abyss as the end could not be seen. Large, decayed paintings of dangerous looking pirates that stared harshly back at us and looked almost alive and we treaded upon a moth ravaged rug, reeking with a morbid stench of blood. Suddenly a chilling shriek tore through the eerie night. The boys felt shadows lurking about them and they ran down the stairs without a backward glance. As soon as they entered the courtyard. Thudding sounds started echoing through the house. Sam and the boys were petrified with chilling sounds and lies king shadows and deathly hallows so they all ran and made their way out of the haunted house ...read more.

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