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The Hunger Games

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´╗┐Tyrone Medford Unit 3b ? Moving Image Adventure land The hunger games. Just three little words. Three little words that are seeking a victim to pour their poison into. How can three little words have such an effect? Yet no one knows. Until the abhorrent nostalgic nightmare becomes the truth. Many left unsettled for life. Yet who knows who the next victim will be. And as the tradition carries on, the great famous words are announced. May the odds be in your favour. The sun shone dazzling in the sky over the hunger games area. The battlefield for these bloodshed games was in a forest in the centre of Panham. ...read more.


The only problem was getting to the cornucopia safely. Knowing that it was right in the centre, you could easily be killed by anyone. The 24 contestants each stood on their podium petrified of what was going to happen. They knew that only one of them would walk out alive. ?Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, the 75th annual hunger games is about to begin!? Announced the T.V screen, ?this is a wonderful experience for all the contestants involved and for their districts. I wish all them all the very best of luck, and may you all have a happy hunger games!? With that, a timer appeared on the screen from 10. ...read more.


He picked up a knife and a bag that contained basic food supplies. But before he could Clove could get away, Foxface came and stabbed Clove through the heart. Clove dropped to the floor and died straight away. With that, Foxface took his sword, a bag and ran into the forest. Cato and Glimmer, both from district five, grabbed a bow and arrows and a bag each and left. Taylor, a young girl from district nine got into a fight with Slayer, a girl from district four that was a few years older than Taylor. But because Slayer was more smaller and agile than Taylor, she was able to pick up a knife and kill Taylor. In total, five people were killed, and this was only the beginning of what was to come..... ...read more.

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