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The idea of effectiveness in the play An Inspector Calls works well especially the way J.B.Priestley has written the play he wrote it just after the World War II this is to show the irony of Mr Birling.

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Essay (An Inspector Calls) The idea of effectiveness in the play An Inspector Calls works well especially the way J.B.Priestley has written the play he wrote it just after the World War II this is to show the irony of Mr Birling and how wrong he was to say "War!, there will be no war..." and the scene of the Titanic. This is all lurking around the corner and obviously hasn't noticed this yet. The set is very simple and there are only 7 characters of which are Mr Arthur Birling (Julien Mitchell), Sybil Birling (Marian Spencer), Sheila Birling (Margaret Leighton), Eric Birling (Alec Guinness), Edna the maid (Marjorie Dunkels), Gerald Croft (Harry Andrews) and Inspector Goole is his name in the play but in the book his name is inspector Poole (Ralph Richardson.) The start is introduced good, it starts with nice gentle and romantic music this creates a loving and caring start, this is one difference from the written version (Book) ...read more.


Mr Birling has also not learned anything from what the inspector has put them through, Mrs Birling also hasn't learned, this is suggested to the audience as Mr Birling says "Inspector, what inspector !" at the end. Mrs Birling agrees with him, this also shows the either of them has not learned anything, whereas Sheila and Eric have learned something. You can tell this when Sheila says "I wont forget him, especially because of the way he made me feel". Mrs Birling is a very cold hearted woman; she is also a snob who looks down at people. This is shown to the audience when she says "seemingly absurd, a person of that sort". She also does not like people who stand up to her like the inspector, like when the inspector was questioning her and gets her to confess to the involvement of Eva Smith's death. You can also tell that she does not want to talk to the inspector about this as she turns her back to him and tries to ignore him, trying also to answer as few questions as possible; she tries her best not to take any blame. ...read more.


and that an inspector was on the way to the house. I noticed that this was exactly what the inspector said happened this makes us think if the inspector is a supernatural figure. Spooky music then come it to it this makes us the audience think what's going to happen next and put them in even more suspense. Mr Birling then walk towards the study room where the inspector is, some spooky, but exciting at the same time starts this also build up more suspense for the audience it makes the audience and when he opens the door the inspector has disappeared, there was no way he could of got out of the window because it was barred up and there was only one other way out which was past the family J.B.Priestley does this to let the audience decide weather or not what happens next or weather or not the inspector was a supernatural figure and he gives us the choice if its going to be the same inspector that is coming to the house. ...read more.

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