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The Immigrant - Hayley Meyrick.

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The Immigrant - Hayley Meyrick The slow rocking motion was making me tired, and the occasional jolt of the train broke my sleep. It was a strange feeling, not knowing where in the world you were or how far you had left to go. As I looked around me I saw hundreds of men just like me, a carriage full of Sicilian clones. We were all crammed into such a tight space; I could not feel anything below my knees and could not tell if my feet were moving or standing still. Eventually I started to hear some unusual sounds that broke up the all to familiar rumbling of the train moving along the unknown tracks. ...read more.


I felt dirty as we all pilled out and I glanced back at the tiny space we had all been in just a few moments earlier. I started to take in my surroundings and I realised that there were lots of people around and, as to be expected, our appearance was gaining a lot of unwanted attention. We were in a crowded train station with different types of people all around. It was noisy with trains coming in from all directions; the floor was invisible from all the litter and busy feet. I felt movement behind me and I noticed my home for the past four days was on the move again. ...read more.


A man to the left of me shouted a foreign greeting and waved. He placed a firm arm around my shoulders and led me forward, out of the train station and into the blistering sun. Talking all the way he led me to a large black car with darkly tinted windows. He opened the back door and smiled at me as though he expected me to reply. When he didn't receive one his smile faltered slightly, then he motioned for me to get in. I considered my options quickly, if I didn't get in, how else could I go anywhere, I had no money and no destination in mind anyway! I ducked my head and climbed in, slamming the door firmly shut behind me. ...read more.

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