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the importance of magwitch in great expectations

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Importance of magwitch in "Great expectations" In Great Expectations, magwitch is not always nice. He is described by pip as "a convict", and as a "violent man" He speaks rudely to Pip "Keep still, you little devil, or I'll cut your throat!" and yet the readers like him. His character is mean yet in someway sensitive and nice. He is violent and mean to Pip yet doesn't do anything to harm him physically. Dickens is ever so clever in the way he keeps us on Magwitch's side right from the begging of the novel, even though Magwitch s clearly presented as the villan at first. Dickens had been very poor when he was young, and had even spent time in a workhouse, his father was also imprisoned, so he knew people like Magwitch very well and he knew that sometimes a person could be driven to do bad things, but still have 'a heart of gold'. Even though the play is written in the 1st person, magwitch shares the leading role with Pip and gradually becomes the favourite character when he is presented again in chapter 39.His presentation in chapter 1 is vivid and his character is memorable and when he re-appears in chapter 39, the readers realise that it is actually 'my convict' who enables pip to achieve his great Expectations. ...read more.


This sends a relief through the readers but the relief later wears off when magwitch is again revealed to pip in chapter 39. Like in chapter 1, pip is surrounded by darkness and slowly magwitch re-appears sending chills through the readers as they have no idea what he has come back for. Pip remembers him straight away "...for I had seen him with my childish eyes to be a desperately violent man..." and so do the readers. This comes as a surprise and the readers is forced to quickly remember Magwitch's character as it had been more than 10 years before his and pip's encounter. Dickens did this as he knew the readers would want to know what happens next to pip and they would want to find out why magwitch is back. Right from the start, Magwitch was not seen as a gentleman, but instead a convict. His actions in chapter 1 also prove him to be the least gentleman like person in the story. He is impatient "Tell us your name ...Quick!" His language is ungentle man like. "You bring 'em both to me...Or I'll have your heart and liver out." This causes the readers to judge him as not a gentleman but a convict and they have very little expectations that he will change otherwise. ...read more.


It almost seemed to me as if he must stoop down presently, to file at his leg." And knows that 'his convict' is back. "I was sent for life. It's death to come back." Magwitch tells Pip and pip tells him that he'll do whatever he can to save him, however magwitch gets hurt and as he lies dying in the prison infirmary, Magwitch appreciates the fact that Pip has been closer to him and more accepting of him in his fall than in his prosperity. Pip informs magwitch about his daughter Estella and tells him that he loves her. This marks a great moment as magwitch dies happily knowing that he really did make a gentleman out of pip. Dickens chooses to do this to show that no-matter all the crime Magwitch may have done in the past, he still has a loving heart and deserves someone to love him and take care of him just like he took care of Pip. This gives the novel a happy and satisfying ending. In my opinion, this novel is very well written. At first, the style of writing and language used was hard to adjust to at first but I soon got used to it. The story line was very interesting and kept the reader wanting to read on. I loved it. ...read more.

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