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The Importance of the Confessions in "The Crucible".

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´╗┐The Power of Confession (PEEA) Tituba?s Confession Point- Tituba?s confession in the play is the most important confession in the play out of all the confessions. Example ?But he say ?work for me, Tituba, and I will make you free! I give you pretty dress to wear and I put you way up high in the air, and you gone fly back to Barbados!? And I say, ?you lie, Devil, you lie!? ? Explanation- Tituba?s confession was the first confession in the play, it is very important because it brings all the things in , before when the girls danced in the woods there were in suspicion, after she confessed everybody believed that the devil really exists and the girls were kind of in trouble. This confession symbolized the start of all the consequences, because she was forced to confess, what she said was obviously false, but the other people took her confession and things started to go wrong. ...read more.


Rebecca?s Confession Point- Rebecca?s confession in the play is the second important confession in the play. Example ?Why, it is a lie, it is a lie; how may I damn myself? I cannot, I cannot? Explanation- Rebecca?s confession is very important because nobody in the village would have expected her to confess. After she confessed everyone started to get in tension, before everyone was just watching and when somebody is hanged they will just laugh and say they should be. They thought that only bad people are going to get hanged, when the good people are also hanged, they are frightened and are in tension, afraid that they will be hanged next. Analysis- All this has to come from Rebecca?s identity in the play. She is a nurse in of the village in the play and she is a very nice person. ...read more.


Elizabeth?s Confession Point- Elizabeth?s confession in the play is the least important confession in the play. Example ?I do not judge you. The magistrate sits in your heart that judges you.? Explanation- Although Elizabeth is a very important character in the play, her confession is not that important. In the play, she was confessing to John, when she said John cheated on her with Abigail and John argued with her. This confession is what Elizabeth said to John, it has not much to do with the Salem witchcraft. Analysis- In the play, she said this to John because John cheated on her, there is not really any relationship between witchcraft, Elizabeth said this just to say to John that she doesn?t judge if he cheated on him, the magistrate or Judge in his heart judges him, they is not really any significance about it with the Salem witchcraft. I do not judge you, the magistrate in your heart judges you, I think the organization ...read more.

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