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´╗┐THE IMPORTANCE OF WATER ?Water is important for all living things, without water nothing can live; green valleys and plains become dry and barren?. Do you agree? Good morning chairman, headmaster, headmistresses, teachers, honorable judges and all my friends. Today I?m very glad to have this opportunity to give a speech here. My topic is ?The importance of water?. Since the beginning of time, water has continued to be an importance thing to all living things. Without water nothing could live. Animals, birds, human beings, insects, fowls in our homes alive and plants depend on water for their survival. ...read more.


We use water to irrigate our lands to produce crops. Many parts of the world are dry and barren because there is no water. People in such places lead a very hard life. Even the plants and animals find it a real struggle to survive. They can obtain water only by some means of ingenuity. Water also helps to increase the fertility of the land in several parts of the world. The alluvium that is brought down by rivers is very fertile and it yields large quantities of crops. ...read more.


In this way, much money is saved. It is true; however, that water has also caused much destruction to life and property throughout the course of human history. Heavy rainfall, swollen rivers and the angry waves of the sea have killed thousands of people and destroyed homes and crops that are found round the earth. Yet, water is indispensable to life, and people everywhere are trying their best to bring water to places where it is scarce, to control its flow in times of floods and to make greater use of it. Thank you. ...read more.

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