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The Indian Wedding

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Arran Patel 10K Tuesday, 01 May 2001 The Indian Wedding As a child of 10 I had already encounter many weddings, this is mainly because an Indian wedding is no normal wedding. For a start you don't normally know whose getting married it could be your mums-uncles-cats-mother-in-laws-son and many were like this and so many happen that you don't know where you are or why you are even there. The fun start when it is a close family wedding and this was as close as they came, my 1st cousin in India. The flight: The journey began with the plane journey from Heathrow. The plane took off and by this time I was already hyped up and raring to go. I had never been to a wedding were I would be right in the centre of action. I had been to India the year before but had only stayed in my Gam (village) for a couple of days, but I knew it well enough to know that if you get a birds eye view it looks like a thermometer. ...read more.


The second day: today was to be the start of the celebrations, I knew this because upon waking up and looking out of the window I saw that scaffolding had been erected which completely covered our house and most of the surrounding village. By the end of the day the area was a huge tent of red and gold and this to me was so amazing I had never had so much fun just watching something being built. The third day: today my dad informed me that we had to go to another hall to have some sort of celebration known as a cha-pani we had to go because we was part of the grooms side. When we arrived there I was so amazed it was such a huge building, it was like house mansions you see with two wings on each side of the main part it was made of white marble and very cold when you touched it. Inside was even better then the outside, my dad and I went to one of the halls in it. Which was covered in a quilted material but it had no windows with huge opening. ...read more.


Day Five: today I woke up not to find a stream of red filling my room but instead sunlight. I looked out of the window to find that most of the tent has already gone, this didn't please me in the least, but what could I do. For a start I couldn't speak very good Hindi and I was only 10 'oh well.' That day was well strange it wasn't normal life with everybody sitting around and it wasn't the hustle and bustle of the wedding it was well a kind off nothing atmosphere. I really didn't complain much although during this day I had eaten next to nothing. This is because although there was plenty of food I couldn't stomach it. It was terrible it wasn't the normal cooking of my grandma, during the wedding the food was made by a chef and well it was tasteless, bland and gooey. I only just survived on toast thank god for toast is there no time it doesn't save you. No the whole village becomes normal again, sitting around not doing much, looking after the fields and cattle and playing cricket but we didn't stick around for much of this, we went for some fun in Bombay. ...read more.

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