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The Inspector calls

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The Inspectors Calls Explore how effectively Priestly delivers his moral message by analysing the roles of the inspector and Mr Birling An Egalitarian would believe that everyone should be equal, either financially or socially. An Egalitarian would want the treatment of everybody to be positive, fair and the same hence 'we are members of one body' they believe there should be no segregation for who they are. These are views of the inspector. He cares about the working middle class of society because of the way he feels they're being treated in life. A perfect example of this is Eva Smith. Shes a working class woman that struggles and work, to try and get a decent lifestyle compared to the upper class capitalists. Capitalist views are basically about money, business, profit, their financial 'needs' and themselves. They are very self-cantered & arrogant. Just like Mr Birling. The Capitalist views are obviously put into practise in him and his family. For one, Mr Birling cares very much about his business and money. This is shown by the situation with Eva Smith and his employers. He refuses to give a small pay rise. 'They wanted the rates raised so that they could average about twenty-five shillings a week. I refused, of course'. ...read more.


He looks at everybody and judges everyone by 'looking hard at each person', as if he was scanning the person's database of personality & history. He is purposeful 'Creates at once an impression of a massiveness, solidity & purposefulness.' Priestly wants us to feel different emotions towards them. He wants us to make us see where they are coming from, what their problems are & to feel how other people reacts with them e.g. Sheila. Sheila is Mr Birling's daughter & even though she added another situation/sin on top of all that's been happening to Eva, unlike the others, she shows remorse when she says: 'no, not really, it was my own fault'. 'she looks at it closely, recognises it [the picture of Eva] with a little cry' and then runs out. Sheila is different to the others because she is the only one that shows remorse & guilt and confesses that it was her 'own fault'. Overall he wants the audience to feel each character's personality, attitude, and their way of seeing thing. if the reader gets that, they will see his message. At first the mood of the house is calm, formal, subtle & joyful because they are celebrating the engagement. Everything is going according to plan; they have all had a good dinner, are celebrating a special occasion & are quite pleased with themselves'. ...read more.


The audience are expected to feel negative emotions and thoughts towards Mr & Mrs Birling because by them not caring about their contributions towards others. Mr Birling has a snobbish personality and feels like he has got the right to look down on everybody and disrespect them. towards Mrs Birling, I think a negative feeling to her would be expected. She too, is as bad as Mr Birling, because she chose not to help Eva smith because of her pride and shame. Both of them represent the upper class and they are represented as bad. For Sheila, Eric and Gerald, the audience will have a feeling of sympathy because they realised what they did wrong and they took responsibility. I think the audience feel changed by the ending result because everything is unravelled and they all eventually realise what they have done. The hint of mystery i.e. the inspector and the actual situation with Eva themselves gives a mysterious edge to it As a reader I feel towards Eva, a sad, sympathetic feeling towards her because if back in time, women were being treated like that, its not pleasant although towards Eric and Gerald I feel that there is hope, hope that they don't become like Mr Birling. They actually show a caring side to Eva. Sheila, I thought she was a spoilt young woman and overprotected by her parents but now she has had reality check. I like her better than I did before. By Radicka Norman 10.2 ...read more.

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