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The Inspector Calls

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Which character in "An Inspector Calls" do you think is the most likeable and why? Give reasons for your answers and briefly discuss why you did not choose the other characters? As I have read the play "An inspector calls" written by J.B Priestly, I believe that Shelia Birling is my most likable character, out of all the characters. Shelia comes across as sweet caring women, but as you read on, you get the feeling she is a jealous girl with a temper. From the beginning of 'Act one' you wouldn't think Shelia would be capable of provoking the suicide of Eva Smith. Sheila's actions towards Eva were wrong, and selfish. Eva gets sacked from her job, where she worked for Arthur Birling, after asking for a 'pay rise' in 1910 at the end of September. Eva the found a job elsewhere as she was left with no money. She was working in Millwards. The Birling's were regular customers at Millwards. Shelia was there one day, and tried a dress on. ...read more.


She says to her father; "But these girls aren't cheap labour. Sheila also makes me think that she likes to be treated, as she would treat others as finding out Gerald as cheated on her she says to him; "I respect you more now than I ever have before and at least you have been honest". Sheila tells the truth so she wants the truth and honesty back. Out of all her family Sheila I the only one who is most honest and truthful. As for the other characters such as; Mrs Sybil Birling. Sybil seems one of the caring types of women to start of with, but when the blame is put on her she decides to blame the father but when she finds out it's her son Eric she is ashamed of him. Sybil is proud of her family and don't like to think any of them would do wrong. She turned Eva away just because she called her Mrs Birling! She keeps putting the blame on someone else. ...read more.


He only cares about money, as he says to Gerald; "And now you have brought us together, and perhaps we may look forward to the time when Crofts and Birlings are no longer competing but are working together-for lower costs and prices". Arthur is certainly not my most likable character! My final character Gerald Croft has a very big part in Eva Smith's suicidal death. He never loved her or never would love her, but Eva had fallen head over heels in love with Gerald. He used her till he didn't want anymore. When they first met Eva was prostituting and he just used her just to please his needs. He had sex with her then paid her. Gerald told the inspector; "He had become the most important person in his life". What Gerald has done he can never change. Also what he has done to Sheila is terrible too. He is a user and very selfish. And certainly is the most un-likable character. Sheila is definitely my most likable character, as she has shown the most honestly and true guiltiness. This is shown as when she saw the picture of Eva; she was the only one who had a "little cry". ...read more.

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