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The intelligence test.

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GCSE English Original Writing Coursework Plan: I will be writing a story about an American Family, who has a very intelligent twelve year old child. Who has to undergo an Intelligence test, to see how bright he actually is. After a few hours of waiting, the results return and prove to be conclusive, and, as a result the boy is forced to have his brain removed. And replaced because he is seen as a threat to the future. It is either this, or faces Imprisonment. ''So, it's tomorrow then?'', groaned the twelve year old boy. His parents knew that yes, it was tomorrow. Tomorrow was the day when he would have to undergo the intelligence test. However, unlike most everyday tests, he did no preparation. This was because he knew that if he prepared, it could have disastrous consequences - it would make him appear even more intelligent than he was already. Meanwhile, his parents tried to persuade him to forget information rather than remember It., because they knew that if he appeared to be intelligent, then his brain would be removed and replaced by something that was far from functional. Peter himself was aware of the consequences and, as much as he tried to stay focused on what he was doing at that time, he found it virtually impossible. ...read more.


In some ways, he was pleased that it had finally arrived, and that the waiting was over but in other ways, words cannot express the feeling of fear and terror that he felt. He was startled by the rough voice that greeted him. His mind was spinning with all the facts and other information that he had tried, so desperately to forget. He had hoped for a clock but had had no such luck. He had been told that the test would last for about fifteen minutes. The time seemed to have stopped, so, he was now in a position, where he had to try to predict every minute, and even every second, because he had no way of knowing the true time. And then, finally, he reached the end of the test. He had to wait now for the results. He breathed a sigh of relief after the lights where switched on and the doors where opened. He was now free to do whatever he wanted, until the results arrived. He began a steady walk around the building, but everything was the same, so there was little to explore. All he could do now is waiting. He just sat their waiting. He felt he had just run a Marathon or had flew to the other side of the world and back again, and had jetlag. ...read more.


He knew that he was brighter than the rest, so the chances are; he was one of just a few in his neighbourhood. He began to wonder whether or not they would treat him any different because of it. He stood now, just outside of his house, wondering what to say to his parents and wondering how he could explain to them all that had happened, in the easiest possible way. He knew that his parents would have happily accompanied him on his visit, but he knew that, even now it was all over, it was just something he had to do by himself. He wondered whether or not they knew already, although his facial expression would probably say it all. If they didn't know already, then they would do, as soon as he entered the kitchen. However, he imagined that his parents already knew the outcome of the situation, even if no one likes to talk about it. All this because of his intelligence that would have brought challenges to the people of the day about the way in which they lived. All this because they saw him as a threat in the future. He was unaware of whether or not his parents knew, but one thing he did now know was that as soon as he entered the kitchen, the conversation immediately seized and all eyes turned to him. No one spoke a word. ...read more.

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