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The Internet. A marvel or menace?

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The Internet. A marvel or menace? Is there anything we can't do on the Internet? From doing our shopping in Tescos to finding a house on the other side of the world - the possibilities are endless! Throughout the world a generation of P.C widows has emerged. Everyday thousands of pupils log-on to the Internet and enter a world of the wonderful and weird- but is the Internet really so marvellous or is it the number one threat to our kids in the 21st century. The Internet is unquestionably the biggest invention in the last 20 years. For a start it makes it easy and convenient to get in touch with people all over the world, from Britain to Brazil, Vietnam to Venice- thousands, millions of possible friends and spouses are waiting at the other end of the mouse for you to log on and get connected. However, children and adults who use the Internet chat rooms are in constant danger. ...read more.


As well as chatting on-line the other huge pastime must be shopping on the net. Can you think of any shop or business that doesn't have a website or e-mail address these days? The Internet has dramatically changed the way we spend our money. We can sit in the comfort of our own home and buy anything from books, C.Ds and the weekly shopping to clothes, cars, houses and all the furniture to go with it. As well as that we can book and pay for cinema tickets, holidays and flights. Fantastic...no more queues, no more sore feet, no more hunting for hours in cramped, smelly stores. Before we get carried away, let's not forget the risks of shopping on-line. Unless the site is secure conmen and hackers can easily obtain your personal in formation and credit card details. Aside from this potential hazard, think of the hassle of finding your way through a whole website. ...read more.


Computer hackers are making it their lifetime ambition to hack into the most important websites in the world. How safe can we really be? Surely the Internet is exposing us to huge risks, both individually and as a nation. Before I conclude, can I just say that I am completely fed up with being bombarded with junk e-mail? No, I don't want to lose 3 stone in 2 days. No, I'm not interested in an auction of army-surplus machinery or house insurance. I'm also sick-and-tired of having to update my phone every week with the latest logos and ring tones which, to be honest, sounds more like something from a dodgy karaoke machine anyway!! Overall I hope you agree that while the Internet is undoubtedly one of the greatest technological marvels of the last century, it can also be a marvellous waste of time. Let's not allow ourselves to be trapped in the INTERNET but remember real life is a lot more enjoyable than a virtual one!! ?? ?? ?? ?? Ashley Paden ...read more.

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