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The Intruder

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The Intruder It was cold outside, typical December weather and the frost was shimmering on the fresh grass. I had been sitting in the teacher's lounge for a while now, drinking my morning coffee. I was alone, and it was very quiet, peaceful, until I hear d a knock on the door. I got up, opened the door and found myself looking into the eyes of a young girl. She must have been about thirteen years old. She was very small, very skinny and she had a very narrow face. She had short brown hair, slightly curly and bright green eyes. She smiled at me timidly and asked for directions to the Nurse's office. I led the girl towards the San, and asked what her name was. ...read more.


She was smiling and her voice was friendly and welcoming, her big eyes glowing. Isabel sat down and waited patiently. Soon enough, the kind lady came and sat down beside Isabel. 'Now, my dear, what can I do for you?' Isabel politely asked for some painkillers. 'Certainly, now what would you like them for?' Isabel thought quickly and stumbled over her words. 'Um...I have a headache.' The Nurse frowned with pity and handed her two round pills and a glass of water. Isabel thanked the Nurse and left, and the Nurse watched her go with a puzzled look on her face. The girl walked around for a little while and then settled herself down in an empty classroom. ...read more.


No one knew why Isabel had come to the school but they all just put up with it until someone- no one knew who- called the police. There was an awful lot of commotion over Isabel- she was now known as 'The Intruder'- and it all seemed a bit too much- just silly and pathetic. People making a fuss over nothing- that's what everyone said. But sometime later, maybe a couple of days or so, the police had been investigating and had reported her missing. The police found her three weeks later in a bush, in the middle of the countryside, shivering and crying, almost dead. No one found out where the girl had come from, but she was put into a Mental Asylum soon after she was found. There had been rumours that she had escaped from there before, but no one knew, and no one would find out. It would always remain a mystery. ...read more.

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