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The Intruder

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The Intruder The large, dark, alienated room filled me with wonder and awe. How did I get to this strange place? My wary eyes scanned the unusual room: antique chairs, stained glass windows, and bookcases everywhere. I heard loud noises and people shouting outside the room. I ran quickly and took cover under a table. I was like a shy kitten, afraid of the big, terrifying world. What would Sir Leicester say to all of this? The rusty door handle slowly turned and Lady Rutherford's heart beat rapidly. Footsteps echoed off the mahogany walls, fear wrapped itself around Lady Rutherford and her blue eyes stared in terror at the small, black shoes approaching her. As she looked up, a man, around seventy years old, towered over her. His untidy, black hair shadowed his face; his dark brown eyes watched Lady Rutherford as closely as possible. "I do not know of your intentions here, but you cannot stay. Strange things have happened, and the master of the house is still searching frantically for any intruders." ...read more.


There were no noises behind this door, so I did not even hesitate to open it and enter. The room was dark and Lady Rutherford could not see anything. She felt her way around, hoping to avoid any tables and chairs. She felt a cupboard, its wood damp and uneven. The floor beneath her creaked eerily and the sound clawed at her ears like a rabid animal. Her eyes yearned for light, something that was becoming a distant memory. Finally, she felt around the cupboard and found a wall. She followed it intensely until her hands stroked a soft fabric, which she immediately assumed to be curtains. Her sense of touch was so occupied that Lady Rutherford did not even notice the putrid smell from the room. As the curtains opened, her eyes fed gratefully on the light from the window. Lady Rutherford looked around the room as her eyes adjusted quickly. This room was similar to the previous one, but unclean and dusty. ...read more.


Ahhhhhhhhh! Lady Rutherford let out a terrible shriek of horror as she realised what was inside the cupboard. Curled up, twisted into a tangle of limbs was a child. Its legs were broken at various angles, and its arms were pierced in several places. Lady Rutherford continued to scream deafeningly as the child lay motionless in the corner of the cupboard. Suddenly, the door of the room burst open and a fierce looking man entered rampantly along with several other men. Shock grasped him as he saw his own child dead. He glanced over to the woman standing near the cupboard, her eyes wide. "Jane?" he paused. "How could you do a thing like this? You murderer! You cold blooded murderer!" his shouts overpowered Lady Rutherford's repetitive cry. "I didn't! I swear I didn't" she sobbed desperately. "Robert, believe me, please!" her tears flooded onto her face. "Please." "Arrest her. Now." Lord Turner ordered. In the other room, an old man laughed silently to himself, his knife tucked securely within his long coat, behind all the cries and pleas of Lady Rutherford. ?? ?? ?? ?? Original Writing GCSE Coursework ...read more.

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