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The Iraq War-Just or Immoral?

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The Iraq War - Just or Immoral? The war in Iraq has been going on for many years now, but has the situation improved? Was it right to go to war in the first place? And with the many lives lost, is it justified? In modern society this is a very controversial topic and with both sides of the debate having strong arguments. The Iraq War gets a lot of hype and media attention in the news today and therefore is a hotly debated topic. In this essay I will be exploring both sides of the argument and give points from both sides. Personally I think the War in Iraq is immoral, wrong and totally illegal. The cost of this war is not worth the end result. Sectarian violence is still rife in the country; as Sunnis and Shiites continue to slaughter one another and suicide bombers and car bombs kill hundreds a day. Is this the control America promised? I think not. One of the main reasons for the invasion of Iraq was to stop the dictator Saddam Hussein and find his weapons of mass destruction. ...read more.


Iraq was never a threat to America or any other neighbouring countries. Saddam Hussein never threatened to attack the United States or to use weapons of mass destruction offensively. Sure, Iraq's surrounding countries such as Kuwait and Iran hated Saddam Hussein, but they were not afraid of him. They knew that Iraq was the weakest country in the region. Iraq has been weak and under control since the Gulf War and has not troubled its neighbours. So was it right to attack and aggressively invade a weak, third world country that couldn't launch an attack on any country? Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 America has spent well over $6,500,000,000. Don't you think this massive amount of money could be put to better use? Like spending it on America's failing education system, as they are one of the most uneducated countries in the civilised world. They are down 71% on education productivity, compared to 1960, literacy rates are declining, they have one of the lowest maths ranks in the world and they are last in the physics rank in the world. ...read more.


And Iraq is far from being a peaceful region, as many people die daily, mostly women and children, as markets during the day are usually attacked. America's presence in Iraq also fuels resentment towards them and it encourages terrorist recruitment. When Iraqis see American soldiers on Muslim land and they see the suffering American troops create, this causes many Muslims to join terrorist factions and new generations of terrorists and America haters will continue to grow. In conclusion I firmly believe that this unnecessary, immoral and illegal war is totally unjustified. America promised stability within the region, with a stable government and a stop to the bloodshed, but the U.S have fallen short of all their goals. Many innocent civilians die every day and the nation is in complete chaos. America's true goal was to secure oil fields, which they consequently achieved. Since the United States Congress passed the Authorization for 'Use of Military Force' against Iraq in 2002 too many lives have been lost. I hope I have convinced you through this essay that the invasion of Iraq was immoral, as well as unprovoked. I believe you can't go to war to prevent war. ...read more.

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