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The Island of Damar

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The Island of Damar I looked down at the tiny island in the distance. The island that was about to turn my life completely upside down. It's name, Damar. It is a small island in Indonesia. It has a population of 23 people, everyone of these people archaeological diggers. My dad, Jay, was flying out to join them. There was some kind of dig on the go and my dad was called for. Me, being Rhia, had to go with him. Most kids of my age would stay at home with a relative. Unfortunately, I have none. My mum died about four years ago in a tragic car accident. She drove her car into a ditch and no one found her until the next morning. I don't know of any other relatives that i have. The only other family member I have is my twerp of a brother. He is 9 years old and is extremely annoying. His hair is like barbed wire, it is impossible to brush using any comb. My dad must have bought about 20 different sized combs to try and brush it and about 50 different shampoos. ...read more.


I was dripping wet and freezing cold. I made a huge X out of pebbles in the sand and walked to the left of me. As long as I kept to the shore line, I could turn round at any time and walk back to the X and then I'd know I was back at camp. It felt as if I'd been walking for miles. The shore line was rocky and in some places sandy. After some time I came to a stop and sat down on what looked to be a makeshift bench at the top of the cliff that I first saw when I had landed. I was there for a long while. The rain had got worse and it had begun to hail, they were not huge hail stones but big enough. "Hi there, I'm Jak!" called a voice from behind. I jumped up, scared stiff. I didn't know whether to turn around or not. Before I could, the person named Jak appeared at the side of me. He held his hand out as if waiting for me to shake it. I pulled my hand out of my jeans pocket and held his hand. ...read more.


"Give it time, it'll drop out soon, trust me, I'm a dentist!" He sat looking at me for some time as if he thinking before he said, "Wait here, I'll be back in a bit." I knew what was about to happen, after all we were in the perfect place for it. I tried to calm myself but it wasn't working. Some time later he returned with a smug look on his face. He sat next to me and wrapped his arms around my body. "Lay back and close your eyes" he whispered softly into my ear. I did as he said and waited for him to say something. He did the obvious. Before I let him go any further I asked him, "will it hurt?" "Of course not," he replied, "it's just a simple process" "I'm rather frightened, I've never done this before." He urged to continue, "It won't hurt much more, just relax." I was in a great deal of pain but dared not show it. I felt tears come to my eyes. It's hurting something awful. "Calm yourself Rhia, open a little wider so I can fit more in!" Suddenly with a jerk I gave a screeching shout. "Now that's it, all over with," he slowly pulled it out. "Well what a relief, I think I'll enjoy my holiday even more now that rotten tooth's out!" ...read more.

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