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The Island

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THE ISLAND The kid was lying on the smooth white sand. His skin was burning because of the shiny gold sun. He had a salty taste in his mouth, and he was listening carefully the waves crashing on the cliff. When he picked himself up to his feet, he saw all the green and beautiful palm trees, and the deepest blue and clearest sky smiled at him. He also saw the blue and crystal clear water. The palm trees were dancing with the fresh breeze and making a beautiful melody. The sun was so burning bright that went through the thick canopy that the palm trees made. ...read more.


He went on through the jungle covering his nose with his shirt so he could not smell the rotten wood. The breeze was becoming more humid and the heat more intense. He found a little hole, where he fit perfectly, in the middle of two big trees. The hole was darker than the night and very humid. He now went to gather coconuts from the palm trees at the beach, and then, try to build a fire, so that any boat or plane that passed by the island would notice the smoke. He failed to build the fire, because he didn't have matches. In a short moment a breeze suddenly enveloped the kid. ...read more.


All his clothes were wet. He picked himself up, and started running again. His shelter was near now, and the sun was setting down and the darkness was growing. The trees were waving with the salty marine breeze and making scary shadows. He reached to his shelter and started wishing that all was a dream. He started to hear the same steps again but this time they were stronger and nearer. It was too dark so he could not see anything. He started to run again, now out of the jungle, where his shelter was. The breeze was very cold, and the crashing of the waves in the cliff could be heard very clear. The moon was very high and its white light was reflected in the crystal clear sea. ?? ?? ?? ?? Words: 540 ...read more.

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