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The issue that I am going to address in this essay is the debate over banning smoking in public places.

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PSHCE Coursework B The issue that I am going to address in this essay is the debate over banning smoking in public places. A lot of people feel very strongly on this issue despite the opinion they have. The reasons range from a health point to everybody's rights as individuals. I think that people feel so strongly about it because it is a new scheme, which may ban something that the country is very used to. Some people (mainly non-smokers) believe a ban would be a good thing whilst (mainly smokers) believe that it would be a bad thing. There has been smoking in public places for a long time and the sudden change will have quite a significant effect on people. I will evaluate the different opinions in this essay and give my opinion. The first opinion I have is a pro-smoking ban view. My source for this was www.weeklygripe.co.uk/a54.asp. ...read more.


It also says that many smokers wish to quit however there are a percentage who enjoy a cigarette and if smoking is banned it will detract from their enjoyment of life. I personally hold the perspective of the pro-smoking ban argument and that is what I think should be done about the situation. I despise the atmosphere that clings to smokers and particularly the undesirable health effects and odour caused by passive smoking. I think that they have every right to hold this opinion, as people who want smoking to be banned in public places are normally non-smokers, despite some of them being smokers who want to quit. Everybody should have the right to go out for a meal or a quiet drink without being engulfed in waves of foul cigarette smoke. If you are trying to give up this will not make it any easier and if you are a non-smoker you are inhaling fumes which are even more disgusting because you have not experienced before as much. ...read more.


* Arsenic (Poison used as an insecticide) * Cyanide (Poison which can cause brain damage and comas) * Butane (Lighter Fuel) * Cadmium (An heavy metal) * DDT (Pesticide which causes birth defects) * Ethanol (Alcohol) * Formaldehyde (Carcinogen used to preserve corpses) * Hexamine (Barbecue Lighter) * Methanol (Rocket Fuel) * Naphthalene (Moth Balls) * Nitrobenzene (Fuel Additive) * Toluene (Industrial Solvent) * Vinyl Chloride (Plastic Pipes) If smokers realised this and they have some common sense they would stop. If these toxins were not expelled in second hand smoke then I wouldn't mind however they are and I do not want these chemicals in my body. My personal opinion on this matter is that smokers should not be allowed to smoke in public places, if at all which costs the NHS billions. It is incredibly damaging and increases risks of contracting Cancer, especially Lung Cancer. If I had the final say smoking would be banned outright everywhere which would save thousands of lives and save the NHS money which it does not have to spend on suicidal individuals who inhale cyanide. ?? ?? ?? ?? Andy Cain 111 ...read more.

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