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The Jinn

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English Original Writing Sekariya Sultan The Jinn Once again he had gotten himself into trouble, the head teacher of wilbury school who was yet again shouting as well as spitting repeated 'Potter!, do you have any idea what you have done?' She never realised she had accidentally spat on Potter especially that she had said the letter 'p', and as Potter was wiping the saliva of his face he had not paid attention to one word she was saying, instead he was saying to himself 'Thank God my name wasn't Peter Pan' and during that moment the room fell silent as if it were to be continued, both the head teacher and Potter turned their heads to find Potter's mother. She had angry look on her face and you would expect a mother to shout at her child straight away but instead she started crying, 'Potter, why?' in such a way that guilt had crept inside Potter which instantly made him lowered his gaze. The silence broke again 'Why on earth would you hit a teacher for? You know how much you got in trouble before and you always say that you'll change but here we are again' his sobbing mother finished. ...read more.


and then ran upstairs to his room throwing his covers around himself. His mother entered his room and said 'what's the matter darling?' he replied 'it's nothing mother, I'm sorry for being bad, I'm sorry making you cry' sincerely. After him and his mother had their talk, she still did not know truly what was wrong with him. A jug full of hot chocolate, with which steam could be clearly seen was slowly cooling down as Potter was lying in his bed, his sobbing had stopped but he was still questioning himself about the Jinn, 'just what are they?' he said. A few minutes later he had forced himself up and logged on the computer, he searched Jinn and quite a lot of results had showed up but only one result caught his eye 'Video: Jinn inside women' it said, he had clicked it while shaking the mouse. He had watched the video with terror in his eyes, he had become totally frozen just gazing but then his legs starting shaking out of the ordinary, he got up his body was shaking; he went to bed his cover was shaking, he couldn't stop shaking and stayed up throughout the night shaking. ...read more.


the servant grieving slowly kissed his foot then Potter had punched him and said 'What did I tell you? Never touch a king!' smiling with satisfaction. Potter had so much arrogance that he woke up arrogantly; he ate his breakfast arrogantly and picked his clothes arrogantly, even when he was picking his horse he picked them arrogantly, he was living the life of arrogance. The country side was peaceful when he was indoors, but when he left his house it was complete silence, the only thing that was heard was the footsteps of his running horse. Potter was on his way to his meeting when he saw another male on a horse preceding the opposite side, when they were side by side the male stopped and said 'Peace!, I have something to tell you oh Potter' and Potter continued to ride his horse then the mysterious male quickly added 'it's important that you know!' Potter immediately turned and approached him 'what is it you want?' the male replied 'come closer' adding the gesture, he then said 'closer' and again said 'closer' up until they were mouth to ear with just enough space and said 'I am the Angel of Death' ...read more.

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