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The Journey

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The Journey I stepped off the aeroplane grasping my belongings with one hand and using my other to steer myself through the commotion of the crowd. Many of the passengers had flocked to the exits of the plane as the plane landed. The crowd resembles a herd of cattle charging at full flow. You could hear the discontent of the small children as they screeched ''I am tired" and other statements which were intimidating to the states of minds of the passengers. This led to a slouch in posture from dejected parents who had survived the long trip only to be faced by a barrage of meaningless statements and malicious taunts. I entered the arrival terminal and gazed at the faces that stood before me. A barrage of people clustered together holding cards with names on. A tall, robust woman held my name on a piece of tattered card; I gazed at her for a brief second before I waved to alert her of my presence. ...read more.


The swaying of the car was so severe that the movement of my luggage had increased so greatly, it sounded like an engine of a train. This effect, added to the rattling of the car and humps led to an undesirable journey. Finally we had arrived the house was capacious. It had fields that circled around it. The fields contained many varieties of flowers, plants and animals. The house looked majestic as sun beamed onto the house. This conjured up a picture of the house being angelic and that God somehow was smiling on the house. The house looked peaceful and full of serenity. I unpacked my bags and then handed them over to the driver. I leapt into the fields this place had a sense of belonging and enchantment .My ancestors had trailed and lived off this land and now I was to join them. This realisation filled me with awe. The land that I stood on that I dreamt about was their legacy to me .I gazed at the flowers, which created a symphony of colours and smells. ...read more.


He stared then said " I am sorry but we will be unable to travel today as I am needed at work". This had ruined my plans but I was determined to explore the land of my people. I began to collect my attire and then started to garb myself. My journey was able to commence as I was fully-dressed. I walked until I reached the summit of the road , I jumped into a taxi and headed towards town. I walked around the market stalls and stations , an elderly woman caught my eye. She was being pelted by oranges and mangoes, the crowd shouted taunts but she just lay there , tears started to trickle down her face .She gazed at me , she seemed familiar but I had never seen her before. She looked tatty and dirty. I swept through the crowd and grabbed her hands , she seemed frail . We moved swiftly through the crowd and emerged towards a taxi, her tears began to depart and a small smile began to appear. She gazed at me in awe. She begun to hug and embrace me. I felt home, this was home and I never wanted to leave. ...read more.

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