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The Journey

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The Journey My name is Elsie Mcgregor; I live in the mountainous region in a little village of Ullswater. It's a ravishing little place with a divine river which flows gracefully down to the foundations of the valley. This very river leads to the most beautiful place imaginable; this special place (which can only be seen in your wildest dreams) is Thirlspot. Thirlspot is an exquisite big pool of trickling mountain blessed water which flows off numerous rocks into the pool. Our whole tribe believe that this pool is sacred and so we do as much as we can to keep it clean as well as tidy. Amongst our tribe there is a belief that our ancestors and sacrificed spirits return to this pool, so in which case we go down to the pool every week to wash away our pitiful and bad sins. Behind the scenes of the pretty village we live there is severe work and commitment to keep it running, we really have to commit to the care and nature of our surroundings, every single member of the tribe has a individual role in which they must keep this seems to me really stupid as I'm more towards free easy living as I can be quite lazy. ...read more.


So here I am settling down and hoping that tomorrow will be a good day, lets see what it brings. Day 3: I woke up in the morning to a really dire day seems like my wish hadn't of come true as the weather was horrific it was severely bucketing it down with rain and it really tampered my spirits and I hadn't even set off yet! I had my breakfast and a nice long drink. I then set off for Thirlspot the Giants pool, the pool has a really sketchy history but my mother never lived long enough for me to unearth it out. Most of the trek was on foot and the weather did not help I was literally staggering amongst the trees and stones im surprised im still walking as I can barely see. I could tell that I was getting near Thirlspot because my feet were starting to get wet as the grass my flooded with water the noise made me laugh when I splashed the water with my feet as I walked along. I could just make out the pool ahead I wish you could see it as it is sincerely big as I was only little and not strong enough to swim my way across without getting the letter wet so I stood there and thought about it for a few minutes and then decided to stroll around the extensive way. ...read more.


me I was safe so I turned back round and there in front of my face was wolves a big pack of wolves his breath blew onto mine as we were so close, I was looking with my eyes around me and picked up a stick and beat the wolves away from me as they started attacking but one got my from behind and pulled me to the ground and bit me deep I whacked him off and then ran with blood gashing out of me...... As I swiftly gathered my belongings I found that the letter was torn a little bit so I couldn't resist it anymore and I opened it I couldn't believe what it said inside: "This young lady is our sacrifice to you" My mouth was opened wide with astonishment I could not believe it tears started to roll down my face and fall to my wound which made me realise I had to do something to stop it bleeding but all I could find was a bit of cloth and then sat and relaxed as the wound throbbed my body. Day 6: Wound has become infected I don't know how much longer I can take it im sitting here writing to you as I feel these are my last words all I can say is never let your self be taken for a ride...... ...read more.

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