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The Journey

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The Journey * As I got out of my bed, my head was feeling heavy. I played video games all night. I imagined my ripped calendar was saying, ''Holidays are over''. After taking bath, I opened my cupboard and took out my brand new black coat. Its fresh smell was annoying me, like it's giving me a sign of bad luck. The coat was the perfect size. I looked into mirror, made my hair look like Al Pacino. * The bus stop near my house was packed with students. There were people with their bag and suitcases, looking at the bus time-table. ...read more.


I asked my self, '' who can bring back those days?'' * When the bus reached the town, I saw a big rush near the town bus-stop. Their faces were looking familiar. They were students from my old college. Their joyful faces were reminding my old days. I looked around the town, there were people chatting and walking. I couldn't cross the road as the signal was read. I took the shortest way. I didn't want to turn up late. I never liked that street but I had no choice. I was trying to remember what I had to say when I get there. ...read more.


At the college the atmosphere was cheerful. First days are always like that. College mates were shaking hands; girls were giving hugs to each other. I could also see the poor faced new students, rushing here to there with pieces of paper in their hands. I was going through the car park. The reflection of the Sun was shining the cars like crystals. I was amazed by the crispy noise of the fountain. I couldn't find the room. I saw an old lady coming, she was well dressed. I assumed that she is the principal. She guided me to the class room. The class room was more peaceful than I thought. I put my files on the table. Wrote my name on the white board and shouted, ''Alright, shhh., I'm your new English teacher. Every one quiet please.'' ...read more.

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