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the journey, creative writing

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The Journey It was pitch black. Ben was just rousing after being knocked unconscious. How had he got here and, more to the point, where was here? Looking around him, Ben could see nothing. No lights or windows were visible through the darkness. Feeling terrible, Ben slowly got up on his feet and stumbled forward until he hit a wall. He searched the walls for a light switch or someway of escaping from this unknown and terrifying situation. He was unsuccessful. All he found were lumps of moss, and some sharp rocks protruding from the wall. Ben slumped onto the floor and thought about how he could have arrived in this enclosed, lightless room. It was a dismal morning. The weather was being kind to England for the middle of December, but it was a school day towards the end of term. It was quiet in the house. ...read more.


him for disturbing her whilst she was putting on her makeup, and to his dad, who still hadn't stirred from his slumber even though builders had started demolishing the house next door. On his way to school, Ben passed the builders who had stopped working to decide weather to blow up the garage or just knock it down. Ben met his friends at the bus stop and they all boarded the number 142 bus. They went to the same school and wore the same boring plain black suit with a white shirt. The day went quickly for Ben. First he had maths, then a chemistry test that the previous class had gone through and left all of the answers on the board. English, Latin and history followed. None of them were Ben's best subjects. After lunch was sport. Ben was good at football and had managed to make it into the A team. ...read more.


'Mum?!?' The kitchen was almost normal apart from the fridge which had fallen onto the floor. Ben ran upstairs and into Laura's room which had a 'KEEP OUT' sign on the door. Ben chose to ignore it. 'Mum?!?' the ceiling collapsed. Ben ran into his room. The smoke was now forcing its way into Ben's lungs. He knew that he didn't have much longer. 'Mum?!?' still no reply. He was about to leave when he saw her. Lying underneath his upturned bed was his mum. Ben tried to pull her out but all of his junk from his desk had pinned her to the floor. Smoke had got into Ben's blood stream and was flowing around his body. He collapsed onto the floor. The room was spinning around. A pair of hands grabbed Ben's mum and hauled her out from beneath the bed. 'Mum!' Ben squeaked. He was weak and slipping into unconsciousness. A different pair of hands grabbed Ben and pulled him towards the door. 'Don't struggle,' a stern, evil voice said. 'You will only make it harder on yourself.' Ben passed out. ...read more.

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