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The journey on Titanic.

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The journey on Titanic. A survivor's story. The Titanic was the most beautiful thing I had seen in my entire life. I had never been on a ship before and neither had Miss Eleanor. Of course, Miss Eleanor was complaining that the ship was not nearly grand enough, she is, sorry she was, a very ungrateful young lady. The rooms were beautiful, decorated with crystal chandeliers and Mahogany banisters; I couldn't believe that the Heatherington family had allowed me to stay in a first class cabin. The third class passengers were all shunted to the bottom to see their cabins. The staff showed us the dining room and it was wonderful. So fancy! I'd never seen anything like it. I'd grown up in a very poor family who had scraped to live on what the Heatherington family had paid them for generations. I had only had a couple of years of quite poor education. I would have killed for the chances that Miss Eleanor had had. She certainly took her very generous opportunities for granted. When we boarded the Titanic I was treated like such a lady and it was amazing, just because I was traveling first class they were such gentlemen. ...read more.


"You don't realize how much you are taken for granted do you", she said in amazement. "Like I said, it's a living; anyway, would you like to have Lunch together?" So we had an enjoyable Lunch, I had grown quite close to Samantha in the two days I had known her, and I classed her as quite a good friend. I came back to my cabin and Miss Eleanor ordered me to clean her room, even though the cleaners on the ship would do it. I decided to sit with Samantha that night at dinner, despite Miss Eleanor's contemptuous looks. Miss Eleanor was most furious with me, but I didn't care because I had a wonderful time that evening. I danced and laughed something I hadn't done in years. Not since my husband had died, anyway. I bid everyone goodnight and went to my room feeling happy and smiling. I woke up with a start as Miss Eleanor was stomping around my room, shouting at me for not laying out her clothes for that day. Once again, I helped (or did everything for) Miss Eleanor. I was very depressed by the time dinner came. ...read more.


on this boat" The man simply said "Lady, either you settle your differences with this young lady right now or you go and find another boat" Miss Eleanor turned on her heel and stormed away. The lifeboat quickly filled up and we were lowered into the Ocean. I looked up and saw Miss Eleanor frantically searching for another lifeboat. "Shall we tall the crewman to go back for her" I whispered into Samantha's ear. Samantha looked up in disgust "No", she said "let her find another lifeboat". As we got further away, the screams got quieter and we heard loud groans from the ship as it tilted front ways. We could make out the dots that were people plunging into the sea to their icy deaths. I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw the ship snap in half and sink into the ocean "I can't imagine what I would have done if I was one of the people on the ship as it sank. It must have been terrifying for them. You can imagine how... how guilty I feel about Miss Eleanor after our argument that night, but I have a new life now with the Chadwicks. I know how lucky I am to be able to tell the tale of the Titanic. The End ...read more.

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