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The Journey to Boston

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´╗┐Chap 1: The Journey It was nearly one o clock by my watch and the hunger had begun to cause bombardments in my stomach. I was sitting beside the window enjoying the moving scenery. Now why I say moving scenery because it was actually moving as I was sitting in a train compartment! That was my first long journey by train. And one can imagine my state as it was the first journey in which I was alone. ?Make yourself comfortable? a woman passenger seeing my nervousness said. ?Yes I am ok? I dumbly replied. ?So I suppose it?s your first journey alone? ?Yes? I murmured. ?Are you travelling to Boston?? ?Yes I guess it is the last stoppage.? ?So it?s your hometown.? I was astonished with the familiarity she showed towards me. To some extent I was scared. Mom always warns me that the sweeter the person is more is the venom in him. ...read more.


?Oh ??.ok, I can understand.? I said but frankly it was going all over my head. She offered me some banana chips that she just took out of her old leather bag. I took some. ?Thank you?. ?Are they tasty? she asked with a questioning expression. ?Yup they are delicious? I replied with a promising smile. After eating my Choco nuts I kept the half empty packet inside my suitcase. I took out a brown teddy from it that was as big as my face and then I close the zip. I caught the teddy bear around my arms as tightly as I could. ?Good afternoon? I said. ?Good afternoon and sleep well? she replied. I always had slept with the teddy close to my chest and to my eyes; it was no kid dish thing. I closed my eyes and I think she made herself busy reading a novel. ...read more.


I was about to tell him to stop talking for a while but as I leaned towards him??????.. ?Tring Tring? the bell on his phone rang. ?Oh God what a talkative fellow! I have seen women chatting but this one is a male chatterbox.? As I thought this the confidence in his voice made it clear that he was talking to one of his family members. ?Ya I am just reaching dear. Boston is just half an hour away. Hahaha.? This line made me attentive. ?Half an hour?.I mean thirty minutes or should I say eighteen hundred seconds? every word that I thought made me comfortable. I started thinking about Boston its scenery, its weather, its people and everything. ?Oh god I would see my Grandpa after five long years.? This feeling was so special. I quickly gathered my luggage together and put my teddy back in my suitcase. I combed my hair to look civilized I sat properly in a dignified manner and waited for Boston to come. ...read more.

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