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The journey to my grave

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The journey to my grave It was a bright Thursday afternoon and it was finally time for recess. I hade just survived double English and all my energy had been drained from trying to stay awake, let alone paying any attention to what was going on in lesson. I made my way out of the classroom and walked down the long corridors of the school building towards my locker- alone. It had only been a week and a half since I had started high school and I hadn't yet managed to make any friends but I had expected it, since I had started a month later than all the other first years. Everyone seemed to already have been divided into his or her groups. I liked keeping to myself, as it was crystal clear I wasn't needed. After placing my books in my locker I made my way to the school canteen. As always there was nothing appealing in the canteen that tempted me so I just helped myself to a chocolate muffin. Having paid for my lunch I made my way to the table in the corner of the hall where I sat everyday- alone. I placed my muffin on the table and sat down to eat. The canteen was filling up and I noticed that every table in the canteen had different types of people seated at it; the cheerleader table was at the front where all the cheerleaders sat. ...read more.


You don't understand. You have to let me go, please.' my eyes were burning as tears blurred my vision. I couldn't let her see that she had won so I stormed out of the room slamming the door shut on my way out. I was enraged by my mothers decision of not letting me go to Ashley's house. She just didn't understand that I had to go. It was about my future. I had made up my mind I was going to go to Ashley's house no matter what. There was too much at stake here. I needed to make mum realise that I could take care of my self and nothing would have happened if she had let m go. The next day I came back from school and went straight to my room to pack my clothes for the sleepover. I was going to go to the sleepover no matter what. After packing my things I went downstairs to eat dinner and then told mum I was going to bed early because I was not feeling well. I went to my room and picked up my bag and plucked up the courage to sneak out of the window. I did it I was out I realised that if I stood around I would get caught so I quickly took out Ashley's address and made my way to her house. ...read more.


Run free from this place-I was being held down. Something had paralysed me, I couldn't move. I tried harder- nothing happened. In my struggle to break free from the web of danger I was in I caught a glimpse of the time and it was exactly twelve. It was happening to me. My soul was being sucked into Jacks grave. My ribs were hurting me so badly. My whole body felt as if it were being forced into a tiny hole. My whole body was overlapping it self and I could do nothing. I needed air. I was running out of air. When I tried breathing in big gashes of air to maybe prolong my death, nothing happened. All I could do was wait for my life to end. I remembered mum, I wondered what she was going to go through. I should have listened to her. She was right but I was so arrogant and selfish that I had to have my way. I hope she could forgive me as all she had in the world were me and my little brother. There it happened. Exactly on that thought. I breathed in my ounce of air. Jack finally got what he had wanted-his soul, my soul. I Megan Taylor till today regret entering the gates of the grave yard I entered three years ago, and till this day I regret it. Little did I know at the time that the friend I thought I had gained, planned this malicious act of indecency. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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