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The Journeys End

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The Journeys End As I woke I noticed that I was no longer on my destroyer but in Iraq how could this of happened there were men al around I think we had been drugged then we were attacked I raised my hand with a clenched fist giving the order to stop and shut up, cautious about us being in hostile terrain. I could hear dogs barking, which obviously meant that the enemy was near, nearer than we had expected. We looked at the map and decided to avoid any enemy contact for now. We were just about to proceed when we noticed an enemy jeep getting nearer, we ducked for cover, and fortunately it just passed by. It was Monday 8th October at around 18:00hrs we were eating around a glowing fire, all we had was standard issue AB's (army biscuits) as they were called, they were alright but a little bit dry. We had been dropped at the Pakistan border by a Lynx, and walked about 3 miles before setting up camp today. We had made an OP (observation post) about 300 yards further on with Jimmy and Mike in it, I was to go and relieve one of them soon. After eating a few more biscuits I went and relieved Mike who went back to camp, I was sitting there thinking about the operation, I didn't know what to expect as we were only lightly briefed. ...read more.


when they saw about 8 Taliban soldiers walking our way, they were about 500 yards away so they made a mad dash for it to tell us. Mike and Jimmy sat at the entrance of the cave each with a 203 poised ready to fire, me being the lieutenant in charge; I ordered my men them not to fire unless fired upon. The soldiers walked by slowly but surely, they were like scruffy dogs with no home, long beards, dirty faces and dressed virtually as homeless people, they were carrying AK47's. We wanted for them to pass while we planned a route; we had to go through two mountains. The SAM site was just over the other site. We left the cave cautiously checking from left to right, I thought that from the map we only had about 8 miles to go, which we could cover in an hour and a half, not a problem! after all we were the best of the best, we had trained for this sort of terrain. We got our packs on; they only weighed about 100lbs, which was light considering we had carried up to 240lbs before now. We walked in pairs apart from Mike he walked on ahead as our recon man. Most of the way we were all silent concentrating on getting to the site and getting the job done. ...read more.


I shot 4 bullets straight into him, 1 to the head and 3 to the chest; he dropped to the ground like a sack of shit. I looked at Jimmy he just laughed and fired two of the 66's blowing the site. Mission accomplished!!!..................... I remember Jimmy saying "let's get the hell out of here." we ran back to where the RV was. Mike was already there, he had been shot in the chest. Jimmy put a pad on the wound, Mike informed us that Scott and Henry had been killed by a grenade blast. Just before he died in my arms Mike muttered "get the hell out of here and oh yeah sir it's been an honour serving with you," and saluted. I looked around for Jimmy, where the hell was he, I couldn't find him anywhere. I knew I had to go and get home safely so I pulled off the dog tags from around Mike's neck and then started to walk; I travelled roughly the same way as we had come. I didn't see any other Taliban soldiers on my way, but I knew I was safe as soon as I'd crossed the border. I never saw Jimmy again. Rumour has it that he joined the terrorists, so they not only had my best friend, but one of the best soldiers I knew on their side... But I cannot believe that!! Who knows?? ...read more.

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