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The Jungle

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Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" Moves the Government To Clean Up the Food Supply Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle," gave the most in-depth discreption of the horrid truths about the way America's food companies, "the only source of food for people living in the city's," are preparing the food they sell. "The Jungle" describes the terrible conditions of a Lithuanian family that moved to the US, and had to work, live, and die for the food companies in Chicago. "The Jungle" spurred a movement in the American people to do something about the problems facing the American food supply. Because of the growing concern about the quality of food in America the government took action to prevent further problems. Thus the Food and Drug Act of 1906 was passed to fix the problems. The Food and Drug Act was a true example of how the people of our nation influenced the government to take action, to solve a growing problem effecting the American people. "The Jungle" talks about a couple who move to an area of Chicago, "known as Packtown," from Lithuania. Packtown is the center of Chicago's meat packing industry. It is a hard, dangerous, and filthy place where it is difficult to find a job. ...read more.


(Sparknotes) Though it was not Upton Sinclairs original intentions to raise such an outcry about the way the food was processed, it did very precisely describe the revolting conditions during that time period. When Upton Sinclair's book "The Jungle" reached the American public it did not bring the movement of socialist reforms that Sinclair wished the book to bring. Instead it brought the entire nation to its feet, when they found out just what they and there children were eating. A single chapter in the novel brought the image of all kinds of wastes being dumped in with the meat. It infuriated the nation that wastes were being dumped in without any regard for the people by greedy capitalists. (Sparknotes) With the knowledge of floor sweepings, rats, and parts of an occasional workman went into the grinders, the people looked to the government for answers. (Weisberger) With the enormous outcry from the people led to an investigation by the federal government. When the governmental inquiry came in assuring the nations worst fears the meat sales in the US were cut in half, and angered President Roosevelt. Now that the facts were in, and the people knew about them, there was a gigantic force pushing for immediate legislation of the Food and Drug industries.(Mikula, Mabunda) ...read more.


(FDA, pg. 2) At this point in time the act showed that the government did not take lightly to violating its new laws. From respectable authorities on the subject, and the 1906 Food and Drugs Act itself, gave paticual understanding of the events effecting that time period, a understanding of certain points in the novel "The Jungle", and how the government went about solving the nation's going problem, has lead myself to agree that Upton Sinclairs's "The Jungle" had a major role in moving the government to clean up the food supply. Which by the approval of the 1906 Food and Drugs Act, the government succeeded in solving the problem. "The Jungle" showed to the nation the scam of biblical antiquity, that was effecting there very lives. It rallied the people to make the government find a solution to prevent further sicknesses and deaths because of greedy capitalists. The government set forth the Food and Drugs Act of 1906 in response which regulated and examined products developed by food and drug companies. Upton Sinclair provided the motive, and the government supplied the solution. Because of the these two forces we, in our day in time, can rest assured that our food and drugs are of the very top quality, and purity for human consumption. ...read more.

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