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The killer in the back seat

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The Killer In The Back Seat It was a mid-November evening. The time was 7:30PM. A pitch black sky littered the sky with shiny stars. As a group of drunken partygoers crossed the path, a woman could be seen carefully peeking from behind a closed curtain. This woman was only known to her neighbours as Mrs.Wilson because she never went out, she never answered the door to anyone and she didn't have a family. Nobody knew who she really was. Just further down the road, a streetlight that was illuminating the concrete below stopped functioning. The street went dark. A car, dark green in colour, drove slowly up the avenue, its headlights turned off. It stopped in front of Mrs.Wilsons house. A figure stepped out from the passenger seat, slamming the door behind them. Instead of knocking on the front door, it drifted around the back into the garden behind the house. Across the road, the curtain opened and a woman's face appeared at the window. Her name was Joanna Ryder. She was a police officer at the local police station. As she looked across the road, she saw the car stationed in the drive. There was a manly figure sat in the driver seat smoking a cigarette. She looked up at the house. All the lights were on. But just before she looked away, a black shape walked past the curtains upstairs. Suddenly, the lights went off and someone ran back around the house and into the car. Quickly, the car sped off and left the avenue. What had just happened? No one ever went to Mrs. ...read more.


A weapon. Without hesitation, Joanne sprung out and hit the intruder. As she looked at who she'd hit, she realised what she had done. The person was just some random stranger with a knife. He'd come to finish her off. She took a phone from his jacket pocket. His name was Dan Coleman. As she searched through his contact numbers, she gazed at the last number. But she wondered how this person could've got this persons number. It was impossible. She looked again at the number. Her boss and her mothers name were on the list. How had her mother been involved in all of this? But as she looked further, she realised she knew everyone on it. They were all dead. She'd investigated their murders just weeks ago. What was going on? She pocketed the phone and jumped into her car. Her boss could be in danger. She always carried a gun. She was a cop after all. Her boss lived just six streets away. She couldn't let someone else die like this. Not after her own mothers death. As she drove, she glanced at a car behind her. It had been behind her for at least 5 minutes. She paced around the corner. The other car followed suit. She'd been through this already. Trying not to raise alarm, she began driving a little faster. But she was alarmed when the tyres popped and she skidded to a grinding halt. The driver in the other car shouted at her. ...read more.


Joanne gave chase. She couldn't believe that her father had been responsible for all this just to get back at her. As she gave chase to her psychotic father, she suddenly became aware of someone sat behind her. An arm wrapped around her neck and the other took control of the steering wheel. The car suddenly hit a lamppost. She hit the man and jumped out of the wreckage. She turned to the man. It was a complete stranger. A man her father had hired to kill her. She pulled out her gun and shot the man numerous times until her gun clicked to signal an ammo shortage. But as she turned round, her father's car hit her leg, twisting it round ninety degrees. As she screamed in agony, the car sped off into the distance. Joanne woke up. She was lying in a hospital bed - her leg in plaster. A nurse came to her. "Hi. I'm Nurse Felton. You've suffered a nasty breakage. You'll be out of action for a few months yet" said the nurse softly. Joanne sat up. She'd managed to phone the police before she collapsed. They were hunting everywhere for her deranged father. He was now classed as a dangerous criminal and a threat to the public. Everyone she knew, her mother, her boss, her neighbour, had been killed by this callous man. She'd almost become his next victim. He'd got away with it for now. There was no way she was going to let him escape. She just had to recover from her injury and set out to destroy the man who had ruined her life forever... ?? ?? ?? ?? The Killer In The Back Seat ...read more.

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