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The Kiss

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?The Kiss? Gemma Logon was an average girl. She wasn't the captain of anything, she wasn't the top of her class, she handed in her homework on time and nobody noticed her. She hardly ever spoke and when she had to, the best anyone could get out of her was a nod, a shake or a shrug. She had decided she did not like this nasty world and was normally off in one of her own... As Gemma wondered down the street to the lumbering building slowly rising up above her head, she was unaware of the dull, blank expression she wore upon her face. She saw herself skipping briskly along, her grey skirt billowing lightly, her flaxen hair streaming out behind her. She could feel the steady beat of her bag against her hip and in her mind she held the heart of this cruel world in her pocket. She had become aware of this evilness when she was very young when both her parents were killed in a house fire. She had been walking home from nursery school with her chuckling aunt when it happened. They arrived home to a smoking house, flames licking out from the windows, and on the top floor balcony stood her mother and father, eyes shut, held in a tight embrace, flames jumping, taunting, dancing around them, engulfing them in a swirling flicker of hot light. ...read more.


The swimming pool was a very large one in the school grounds. It stretched along about half of the total school grounds and was slightly larger than an ordinary public pool. Harpington was very proud of it. It turned out a lot of people were curious about the tournament. Masses of people crammed into the pool area and squashed and squeezed uncomfortably around the sidelines. Although being pushed and shoved about in the crowd, Gemma felt she was floating. Floating above everybody. She looked down and saw the writhing struggle of students trying to see the race that was about to take place. The shrill shriek of the whistle blew over her head and in a splash of water and cheers, the swimmers were off, propelling forward furiously. Then without warning a chunk of something fell from the ceiling into the pool right ahead of the lead swimmer (which happened to be Harpington's swimmer) and he pulled up to get out of the way. When the other swimmers realized some one had stopped suddenly, they raised their heads to see what was going on. More chunks fell into the water making great splashes around the swimmers and turning the water a murky grey. Gemma's eyes rose slowly to the ceiling and felt a sudden twang of fear. The crowd had felt the same twang too and began pushing and shoving trying to get out of the building. ...read more.


He thought he'd like to have died, gone to a better place but this person wouldn't let him and he opened his eyes to see who was stopping him from letting him go where he wanted to. As he did so and light poured into his eyes, it was like opening a window! Light flooded back into his mind and he realized he didn't want to die! He wanted to see his family again, he wanted to go home! This girl had saved him! And he hadn't wanted her to! As the light, like life itself came rushing back into him, he pulled himself up and kissed her soft lips. The kiss was totally unexpected to Gemma but it was wonderful. It was all she ever dreamed of. All hate seemed to seep from her and she gave into the wonderful feeling that now grasped her. She had a friend! Even if nobody else noticed her she had a friend! The kiss lingered and eventually she pulled away. She had been totally unaware of the building, which was falling down around her and the piece of plaster that hit her outstretched foot brought her back to reality. She tugged him up to his feet and they ran, hand in hand out of the building (which were now empty) and onto the grass outside where they fell over each other and kissed and kissed. Gemma had never felt so happy, she remembered what life was like before she 'switched off' and it felt good - no wait - it felt great! ...read more.

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