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The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner The book Kite Runner is about a kid that passes through rough moments during his life time because of war. The boys name is Amir, and his father is a rich man of Pakistan. Amir calls his father "Baba" and doesn't have a quite good relationship with him. Amir's best friend is called Hassan. Hassan lives in Amirs house, and is his servant. Hassan father also works for Amirs father as a servant. Hassan and Amir do everything together, but there is always that line in the middle of them, between servant and rich kid. When the Russians invaded Pakistan Amir and his father had to leave Pakistan, and got to California. ...read more.


They do get married and his father dies 2 weeks later. After amirs father died the couple realized they couldn't have children. So Amir became an important novelist. The people in India are very kind but take religion seriously. There is a total amount of 7 religions that have been documented. Those include Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, and Christianity. People have a 54% of literacy level. Its average life expectancy is about 59 years old for males and 60 years for females. There are 18 recognized languages spoken in India. They are classifies in two groups. ...read more.


In front of it there is an opened gallery with lots of fountains. The Indian architecture is very distinguished even in today's date. After the war in Pakistan ended, Amir decided to go back to search for his best friend Hassan. When he got to his village, he asked every living person where Hassan could be. He found an old lady that told him that Hassan was murdered with his wife and that his son was in an orphanage. Amir searched for Hassan's son everywhere until he found him. He took Hassan's son back to California where Amir and his wife raised the child as theirs. At first the kid had problems bonding with Amir but as time passed on, the kid accepted Amir as his father. ...read more.

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