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The Knights and the Dragon

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The Knights and the Dragon The wind howled against the trees and moors, an uncanny sense was in the bleak night's air. Sir Fredrick balanced himself on his own two feet. He looked around. Nothing in sight. They were still in the land of the dragon, thankful to God to be alive. He whispered a small prayer watching the heat of his breath raise to the heavens above, hoping that in chance The Lord would answer his words. Carefully he mounted his companion Sir Cambell onto his worn out steed and collected their weapons. Within a few moments they had started their journey home knowing that on the morrow they would be back in the realm, safe and warm. The sun shone early in the morning. Upon arrival the castle stood tall and grand overlooking the barren land. A small mist had gathered and with the blinding sun in his eyes blurred the knight, Sir Fredrick's vision. A blurred out figure appeared over one of the battlements. " Who goes there?" echoed the voice, " It is I... Sir Fredrick returned from my quest." " Ah.... Aye! Welcome back Sir, a pleasure to see you again!" The wooden draw bridge was lowered slowly, and the portcullis opened. ...read more.


The land around us was bleak and motionless." A mistress fainted with terror onto the stoned cobble. The doctors attended to her. " We seeked out swords and withdrew them. The tremors were getting stronger and so were our heart rates. It was coming quicker than storms exit the heavens when The Lord is angry. We knew within a few minutes we were going to defy the dragon. We had to be gallant for the goodness of God's love and the fellow people of the world. Within two blinks to the eye, it was heading straight towards us. The dragon looked like a thousand of the most loathsome, fumed demons. Its eyes lit like a white flame, a roar enough to deafen a man." The people in the room mainly the damsels and maidens were placing there delicate hands over there soft cherry pink faces, in shock trying not to picture the scene. " Sir Cambell announced to me that he was going to smote the dragon with the hardest smote he had! I beg of you to wait Sir Cambell, we go together. It was too late though, he had already whispered his prayer and said to me I pledge you my word, we will get home safe and be welcomed with great cheers and crowds." ...read more.


" There I was like I do every night doing my evening shift. When these two men: fully equipped in armour; got out in front of the train. They looked as if they were in fancy dress or something. I don't know why they didn't move, I gave a load of whistles and light flashes but they didn't budge. Must have been their death wish or something. One of them came charging straight at the train and hit it with his sword. You should see the train now! Blooming great big dent in the side! I just don't get it. It has happened before, I stopped but no one has been there. It's making me go crazy. Man slaughter and that, as I hit one of them but didn't stop this time. Any naturally sane person would move off the tracks if a train was coming wouldn't they? Answer me! Wouldn't they? I mean they wouldn't budge, they just wouldn't budge!" Jane sat starring at Fred thinking what to do and how to help him. " Ok calm down Fred, it's ok. No incidents have been reported, I think you need some time off. Two weeks should do it. Use that time to chill out and come back after you're fully revitalised." " Cheers mate, I owe you one for this!" Mentioned Fred all puffed out. Penny Clements, 10Ty ...read more.

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