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The Lady of Shallot Evaluation

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The Lady of Shallot evaluation Tennyson first verse sets the reader a beatiful picture of the landscape around Camelot. "Gazing were the lilies blow"-not only is this qoute appealing to the reader because the ideal of crisp white lilies blowing gently in the wind create's a vivid image of an alluring city, but because the iambic rhythm of the words make the line seem that much softer and cosyer for the reader to imagen. As Tennyson moves onto descibing the little island of Shalott (which is just out of Camelot) the adjectives he use become more sinister, this is to contrast with the cosy city of Camelot which the reader has only just began to picture. "Little breezes dusk and shiver" the repeted 'sssssss' sounds create a threating and forboding effect upon the reader. Not only is Tennyson using this harsh sound to convay a less-than-friendly appeal towards this little loney island but he also use's smaller and creepier adjectives compared to the booming and lively city of Camelot. Words such as "shiver" and "quiver" install the ideal of a forgotten and deserted place. Tennyson adds to this effect of isolation by creating walls and barriars around it. "Thro' the wave that runs forever" this phrase is very flowing with lots of 'ff' and 'th' sounds it just slips of the tounge naturally, adding a sense of an eternal circet -the never-ending circet of powerful water. ...read more.


Her sudden turn of heart is a result of seeing a funeral and a young married couple together -something she will never have in this curse and something that she see's coming, her own death. A death that would leave no trace behind of someones life, except a tapestry and a body so desolated and unloved that it should really be called a waste of life. Or space. And all this with life running out in frount of her, being soo 'near' but not hers. She can see the life of 'sheperds', 'abbots' and 'village girls in red cloaks' all ambling past merrily while she stares hungrelly out on them. The main feature of this happy fairytale she see's, are the nobel and handsome Knights "She hath no loyal knight and true" a reflection on her hearts desire just struts by, without ever seeing her face. Going back to the structure of the poem, Tennyson also use's very arcaic launage, like "weaveth" and "wold". An answer to his odd choice of words could come from the Victorians themselves. Victorian times were harsh and hard, it was the hight of British power and indrusty, which resulted in a very grimy and work-filled life for average citizns. ...read more.


Tennyson then describes the angelic scene for us, a white-clad beatiful woman lying on a mearandering boat down the countryside and outside world she never saw, "...singing her last song, The Lady of Shalott" I find this phrase intriging. I know a little myth, that when a swan is about to die it sings its last but the most beatiful song it ever sang, and then dies. I do not know if Tennyson knew this as well but the way he described her as "snowy white" and singing with her last breath, ("singing in her song she died") I cannot help but be remined by this myth and comparing the Lady to a Lovely but defencls swan. A part I feel that suits her well because she is defenless her whole life, even in death. And it is this, and only this, that the villagers hear of the Lady that has seen tham grow, the one time they hear her true is at her death. In a way its ironic, she has watch them all her life and they only know her at her death. The end of the Poem leaves on a sad account. As the villagers crowd at this mystrious beauty, who should appear but Lancelot? Seeing her once and only, he ends on a pray to her, the one with a lovely face, The Lady of Shalott. Emma Murton, Y10DJ ...read more.

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