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The Lady of Shallott.

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In the poem the lady of Shallott, Tennyson uses themes, characterization, imagery, repetition and background information to illustrate the lady of Shallott's feelings throughout the poem. Tennyson uses the legend of king Arthur and his bold and daring knights as his source to show the lady of Shallott's feelings. Tennyson has highlighted the character of Sir Lancelot in his poem; Sir Lancelot is strongly linked with the legend of king Arthur, not only was he the head knight of the round table- which consisted of twelve brave and devoted knights, but he also had an affair with the king's wife; Queen Guinevere. In the poem Sir Lancelot is described as a brave and courageous knight. ...read more.


The theme of sorrow can clearly be seen throughout most of this poem and is often or always associated with the lady of shallott. This is because she is a poor and feeble woman. Tennyson uses imagery to emphasize the lady of shallott's feelings, he gives the reader clear images to plant into their heads. The poem starts with an excellent description of Camelot, giving the reader a clear image. 'On either side the river lie, long fields of barley and rye.' Tennyson also describes Sir Lancelot and gives the reader a clear image of the heroic knight. 'And from his blazoned baldric slung, A mighty silver bugle hung, And as he rode his Armour rung.' ...read more.


to speed the poem up. ' Only reapers reaping early, In among the bearded barley.' The poet also uses Alliteration (the repetition of consonant letters) to slow the poem. ' Willows whiten, aspens quiver' The poet also uses repetition to make the poem flow and it reflects the poem, everything goes up and down. The poet uses characterization to portray the lady of shallott's true feelings in the poem. Sir Lancelot is described as a valiant and honorable character that has a very high profile. The lady of shallott is described as a lonely woman, who is cursed and helpless. Throughout this poem, Tennyson has used many different techniques to show the lady of shallott's feelings. He uses techniques such as imagery and repetition to show the sorrow of the lady of Shallott and also makes the reader fell sympathy towards her. ...read more.

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