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The Land Lady

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The Land Lady The Land Lord It was seven o'clock a.m. when Mr. John Greenslade awoke and rose out of his bed. Although he was hampered with paperwork all-night he still managed to wake at seven o'clock in the morning. It was a good job that all that he had to do today was check on the new boy. Whilst on his way to work he got a phone call from his secretary. "Good morning Mr. Greenslade." "Good morning Miss Stepson. How can I help you?" "We have been given a train ticket to Bath. We have been instructed to send you to Bath today." "Why today?" "Remember the young boy who we sent to down there last Friday?" "Yeah I do his name was Billy, Billy Weaver." "Yes well we got a call from his family saying that they hadn't had a call from him since he'd left London." "And what does that have to do with me?" "Well you are his boss. You have a lot to do with it." ...read more.


By now he had also noticed that the parrot above the entrance to the bed and breakfast was stuffed. It was amazing what people could do with a little fluff and a couple of fake eyes. "I see that you are interested in my little curly! 'E was such a good little fella 'e was." she said in a sharp voice that startled him. "Yes well I was just wondering who stuffed him for you." "I did it me self." she replied sharply but with a down trodden tone to her voice. He decided to change the subject. "Who else is here with us." "Oh no-one dear, just you and me." "So whose is the hat and coat then." he asked abruptly. "Aah, err," she hesitated, "My last guest must have forgotten them." "Okay, can you show me to my room. I have an early start in the morning and that was on hell of a journey down here." "Right this way Mr...?" "Greenslade. Mr. John Greenslade." They arrived on the first floor. ...read more.


"I like my tea the way I make it. Just bring your cup into the kitchen." As he walked into the kitchen he saw her cup lying on the sideboard. He quickly changed the cups. "I'll make my own cup," he said before she poured a new one. "Fine, go on then," she went back inside and sat down. "I'm never gonna to get this one," she thought. "Oh well, he can stay and go tomorrow." She took a sip of her tea "Hmm, tastes different. Like bitter almonds or something similar." Mr Greenslade walked back in and sat down beside her. She took a big gulp, and another, and another until all was finished. "I feel a little faint. I think I'll go to bed." "So will I. Goodnight." "See you in the mor-morning." "Ahh," she yawned. "Don't bet on it" he mumbled under his breath so that she couldn't hear him. It was around 4am when he heard a bang on the floor. He walked down the stairs as quickly as he could and carried the weighty body up the stairs. "I think I may like it here after all. Taxidermy doesn't seem like such a bad profession." The End Ryan Sorhaindo 10LE ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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