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The Landlady. I put my pen down and started reading the guest book. There are only three entries above mine on the page. It is strange. The last entry was five years before.

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The Landlady I have been travelling down from Newport on the slow bus and I'm really tired. There are no shops on the street. All I can see is a small and a beautiful house with a notice pasted on the wall of the house "Bed and Breakfast". When I see that small notice again and again, it makes me stay right there. I feel like going to a different house but I can feel that someone is calling my name from inside the house. I looked from the window. I can see a bright fire burning in the hearth and a pretty little dachshund curled up asleep with its nose tucked into it's belly. The house seems pretty good but on the other hand, a pub would be more congenial than a boarding-house with a beer and darts in the evening. ...read more.


I can see stairs going to the first floor. There are two doors, one is the main door and the other is the kitchen. There is a lovely parrot and a sweet dachshund sleeping with its nose tucked into its belly. I can smell the scent of pickled walnut and kind of hospital. The landlady brought me a cup of tea with some biscuits on the side of the plate. It was really tasty. She said "Well before you go to bed, would you be kind enough to sign the guest book? Because everyone has to do that as it is the law of the land. "No problem, I'll do it". "Oh thanks my dear". She gave me a little wave of the hand and went quickly out of the room and closed the door. ...read more.


I don't know why but as I see my room well-prepared, I thought the other rooms are more decorated and wonderful. So I opened the door of the other room. As I opened the door, the room was really dirty and I saw the blood on my feet. I was shaking because I was scared. I saw the guests which were on the entry list tied up in a corner. They were three of them. All they said to me was "Run away from this house.....hurry up!" I wanted to move my legs out of the room but suddenly I started feeling dizzy. I fell down on the floor. I was losing my consciousness. The last thing I heard was the bell ring and I saw the landlady infront of me. I felt like someone was carrying me and I could feel the ropes around my hands and feet. By - Gideon Gurung Year - 9 Form - S ...read more.

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