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The last journey

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The last journey He was lying in his bed with closed eyes, listening to the graceful birds singing, and with the sun shining directly on his face. He suddenly heard his mother shouting "Ruben!!!, Ruben!!!". The tone in her voice indicated that something was seriously wrong. He ran as fast as he could, with the heart pounding faster and faster. He saw her wandering restlessly in the hallway. He was out of breath when he arrived. She was really upset - he could see it from her face expression. The eyes were as red as blood, and the tears were falling down her cheek one by one. She wiped her tears off, muttered some thing about a war, and then she told him with panic in her voice, that they needed to leave the village. He didn't understand why they had to leave the village, but what ever the reason was he didn't want to leave the place from where he had been brought up. Why? he kept asking himself. Smashing his hand onto the table, he told his mother, "It`s not fair". His mother replied "I know but the world is not fair, the world is unfair but you have to live with it, if you can't you won't survive". His mother got up from the chair and said to him "we have to leave as soon as your father comes home". ...read more.


Just as he was going in, he saw his uncle falling down breathing his last breath. He fell down on his knee and started crying. He sat there for hours crying. He was really close to his uncle and as he saw him dying, he felt someone had removed the ground under him. He felt very lonely. He couldn't see anyone or hear any noises, only his uncle's last screams for help were echoing in his ear. Hours later, he was still sitting there in front of the synagogue crying. The sky was now a dark mud colour, now that the sun had set. Then it struck him that his parents were probably looking for him. He got up and started running home. Maybe his parents had left him and gone themselves he thought. That made him panic. Just now, he felt that he couldn't trust anyone. He was surprised to see himself being able of running as fast as he actually was. The streets were empty and there was no light at all. He saw some people running towards him. Whoever it was, they scared him. He stopped and changed the direction. Then he heard a shout in a familiar voice" Ruben is that you?". He felt very relieved. It was his mother and father. He turned and ran towards his parents. ...read more.


Some big chambers were placed next to each other with a little gap between them. A soldier came and took him to one of these chambers. As he walked with the soldier, he saw his parents. He started running towards them but the soldier stopped him. Ruben was screaming loudly ��I want to go to my parents��, but the soldier didn't listen. He was crying out loud, but it had no effect on the soldier. The soldier was like a robot. He didn't show any feelings. He saw that his parents were taken into the other chamber. Just as his parents disappeared, he saw a thin man with a curled moustache coming. All the soldiers bowed to him and said "Heil Hitler". Now Ruben knew who Hitler was. Hitler was the one that was responsible for all this that had happened to him and all the other Jews. It now struck him that this was the end, he was going to die. On one hand he was relieved that his misery was coming to an end. But on the other hand he was asking himself, what had he done wrong. Just because the Germans had problems, they needed a scapegoat and that scapegoat happened to be the Jews. It`s not fair he said. Then he remembered his mother saying "the world is not fair, the world is unfair but you have to live with it if you can't you wont survive" as he was breathing his last breath. 3 1 ...read more.

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