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The Laughing man

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The Laughing man Once upon a time, in the city of Baghdad lived a boy, orphaned from the age of four he lived on the streets begging from the rich merchants who patronised the city. Life was hard for this boy as the street children of Baghdad were numerous and hungry. You had to be sharp to live on the streets. At the age of 16 he heard the news of a rich Venetian merchant coming from the unknown lands of the West to trade spices and fine wine from the sparkling vineyards of Baghdad. The boy enthusiastically ran down to the dock hoping for a job on the merchant's ship. Life at sea could be very dangerous with pirates and storms but at least one didn't have to fight for their next meal. "Sahib, would you be needing a new ships boy for your voyage across the Mediterranean", shouted the boy to the merchant "Hop aboard, more the merrier," shouted the merchant. As the ship sailed away from the bustling alleys of Baghdad the boy was kept busy up in the crows nest scanning the horizon for the sight of a pirate ship. On the fourth blisteringly hot day the boy spotted three masts on the horizon and shouted down to the deck. ...read more.


Word of his victories swept the city and soon, Sirius the Syrian Assassin, the greatest Gladiator ever to grace the fertile pastures of Byzantine, wanted to challenge the Laughing Man to a 1 on 1 duel to decide who was the Greatest Gladiator ever. So the big match was scheduled for the 11th of July 1418, the Birthday of Emperor Augustus the 1V of Byzantium. As the day of the duel neared thousands of people bought tickets for what was going to be the fight of the century. As the sun dawned on the 11 day of June thousands of people were sitting in the Coliseum waiting for the competitors to come out. The sight of the crowd was immense as the Laughing Man stepped out onto the sand to a great cheer " Will you accept my challenge, thy emperor?" shouted the Laughing Man. " I accept your challenge," replied the Emperor From the other side of the coliseum came an equal great applause as Sirius the Syrian Assassin, winner of 600 defences on this very stadium, walked out onto the sun dried sand. " Will you accept my defence thy Emperor " I accept your defence Sirius, let the fight begin" said the Emperor to the applause of the crowd. ...read more.


With a grating crash the two ships collided and with this the Laughing Man gave the order. "Kill the rapscallions, kill them all" With that order the crew rushed onto the ship their sword and muskets raised, hacking down the villains that had killed their families and friends. The pirates fought back bravely but they were outnumbered and they didn't have much of a chance against the well-trained warriors of the Colossus. From the aft deck came the shout, "I challenge you to a duel Laughing Man, to see who is the real fighter" "I accept your challenge, you choose the weapon", replied the Laughing Man. "I chose pistols," said the captain sarcastically. So the two contestants stood back to back on the deck, both arms raised holding duelling pistols. "Take ten paces," shouted the umpire "Ready, Set, Fire" With that order two pistols fired simultaneously with a deafening roar. The pirate captain collapsed clutching his chest and the Laughing Man slowly walked over to him and took off his mask for one brief second. In the Laughing Mans eyes the captain saw something of his sister who had died seventeen years ago for she had mothered a son who was both intelligent and strong. As he breathed his last breath he felt satisfied to have encountered the nephew he thought he would never meet. ...read more.

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