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The legalization of abortion.

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The legalization of abortion is still a big question for people who are concerned about this issue. According to doctors, psychologists, and journalists, an abortion is a serious health risk for woman's body and soul. There are two types of abortion, a medical abortion and an instrumental abortion. A medical abortion is the easiest way to terminate pregnancy, but it is still dangerous for women. An instrumental method is even more dangerous because it is used when the gestational age of fetus is older than two months. Abortion also has negative effects on woman's emotional well-being. Abortion should be illegal. A medical abortion uses drugs to terminate a pregnancy and this can be very dangerous. ...read more.


If the doctors cannot contain the infect the placenta can be bacterial. In the surgery, when doctors extract the fetus, they might accidentally damage the wall of uterus. It could cause bleeding inside and to stop it women need another surgery. After an abortion, a woman's uterus might be adhered together; therefore, woman cannot menstruate anymore. This means she might not be able to have a child again, causing her to become sterile. Instrumental abortion also influences on the next pregnancy. Since the doctors need to stretch the cervix, to extract the fetus, it is stretched during the surgery. Consequently, it might lead to two possible problems. First of all, woman might lose pregnancy, and secondly she might have a premature birth for her next pregnancy. ...read more.


Most women have a hard time before showing up at an abortion clinic. As a final point, family members can easily notice the sign of moral depression, such as nightmares, flashbacks to the abortion, hysterical outbreaks, unforgiveness of those involved, feelings of guilt, etc. Any women who has gone through the act of abortion suffer emotionally. Having abortion will affect woman's health negatively. Most women have regret and life complications due to this action, and thus, it should not be legal. These facts should convince anyone to eliminate the idea of pregnancy termination out of their mind. By eliminating abortion, society eliminates future problems. Besides, convince women to take a good care of themselves by using protection tools such as condoms and birth control pills are also a way to lessen the increase of abortion. ...read more.

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