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The lemon Orchard

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They walked a little way further in the moonlight and the man with the lantern said, 'This is as good a place as any, Oom.' They had come into a wide gap in the orchard, a small amphitheatre surrounded by fragrant growth, and they all stopped within it. The moonlight clung for a while to the leaves and the angled branches, so that along their tips and edges the moisture gleamed with the quivering shine of scattered quicksilver. The dog started barking in high yaps again. This time it was louder than before. 'Somebody shut that dog up,' the fifth man shouted. It seemed like as if the dog's bark was getting louder, as though it was coming closer to them. Unexpectedly, the dog suddenly stopped barking. 'Thank god the dog has finally stopped,' said Andries. 'I want something to drink now.' He sat down and grabbed a bottle of water. He completed it all. 'Go and get some more water for him.' Oom ordered the coloured man. 'You might as well go with him,' Oom said to the fifth man. 'I don't want to go with that hotnot,' the fifth man replied. ...read more.


Oom fell and hit the hard, cold ground. He unintentionally pushed the trigger and a bullet was fired. Somebody has been shot. Everyone was shocked. The whole lemon orchard was now silent as a vacuum. It brought darkness and quietness to the orchard. The lantern bearer held on his chest and dropped slowly to the cold harsh ground. The dog without delay took the gun and ran. This gave the coloured man a little more self-confidence and a sense of relief. Oom looked at the lantern bearer and then pointed at Andries. "Andries get that gun off that bloody dog and I will look after him." The fifth man was worried. "What are we going to do now? He was right; we shouldn't get involved in any murder. It was him who said it earlier and he is the one who has been shot." The beauty of the lemon orchard was being taunted by the fifth man's cries which were getting louder. The dark clouds crouched over them all, as if trying to smother their hate-filled hearts. Andries went to get the gun but the dog was running at high-speed. The dog was rapid and Andries couldn't get anywhere near it. ...read more.


They could not take the terrible deeds that are committed in the beautiful orchard. The coloured man wasn't as scared as before, as he started to realize that they might not find him again in this darkness. The coloured man was in the middle of the three of them. Suddenly he ducked, turned backwards and tried running. Oom pointed the gun at him and said "What are you doing?" "I need the toilet." Oom would not allow him move. Instead he said "Shut up and carry on walking with us." The coloured man knew he had to do something, if he was to escape from Oom's evil clutches. Suddenly the victim dashed at Oom and punched him in his face, right next to the nose. Andries grabbed the coloured man, bent his knee and felled him. Meanwhile, Oom lifted the gun, despite his injury and shot again. The lemon orchard went silent again. The fifth man was shocked. He couldn't believe the number of dreadful incidents happening in the beautiful, sweet-citrus lemon orchard. These dreadful incidents were witnessed by the nature itself. The leaves cried and the crickets creaked, as if they would never stop. The heavy clouds rained down on the blood, bath below, each drop resembling a tear, as if the heavens were crying with shame. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kibria Ali ...read more.

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