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The Lie

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´╗┐The Lie My whole life had been a lie. The very people I thought I was fighting, the ones who had massacred my family, had been the ones I was working for. I felt so lost and betrayed until I realised one key factor I could take them down from the inside. As I walked through the corridors after hours, I had a feeling that I was going to discover something that I would regret. I had a feeling that these people had been hiding something from me, pulling me back, stopping me from achieving my goals, but in this world that was so cold and deceiving, I had to keep my head up. Part of being a spy was to uncover the truth, no matter how painful or harmful it might turn out to be. ...read more.


The next day I woke up with vengeance on my mind. I picked up a .44 calibre pistol, put on a bulletproof vest and walked out of my house. I was going to end it all. I drove to work thinking all the way, asking God to forgive me for what I was about to do, asking him to understand that I could never live a normal life unless I put the past behind me. When I arrived at the ISN, all eyes were on me. I figured everyone had been told who I was and what my mission was. Evrytime I blinked, visions of my dead family flashed through my mind. I knew what had to be done. The moment I was waiting for my whole life had finally arrived. ...read more.


I had to think fast or die. As quickly as I saw his eyes shoot to the trigger, I ducked, dived and took his legs out. He dropped the gun. I punched him hard in the chest then choked him till he lost consciousness. When he woke up, he was tied to the wall in his office. He tried to break free but the bonds were too strong. I looked him straight in the eye and smiled. ?Why so serious?? I asked him. He was trembling with fear. I took the Swiss army knife out of my pocket and sliced his face, literally extending his lips up to his cheekbones. I stabbed him in the stomach and left him there to die. I thought I had killed him, but he was not dead! He was alive and out to get me. I had just created The Jokester. By Tawanda Munongo Grade 10 GCSE Student. ...read more.

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