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The lights were kept dim, the worn away slate with his squad mission images pinned up and next to that a screwed up piece of paper with the fact that they will be taking on a new mission soon.

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The lights were kept dim, the worn away slate with his squad mission images pinned up and next to that a screwed up piece of paper with the fact that they will be taking on a new mission soon. The lieutenant paced the long door-room that his men were supposed to sleep in with each one sitting down upon their beds silently guessing what the mission ahead was going to be. The lieutenant still pacing the room had his hands behind his back and was taking long powerful strides waited for the more explanatory brief to appear from under the door. The lights started to flicker as someone walked along the corridor. There was a knock at the door and a piece of paper slid under as the lieutenant breathed in. Lieutenant Mippling took a few broad steps to the door. He stooped by it, looked around at his squad for a split second and then slowly bent down and picked up the paper. There was a minutes silence as Mippling read the paper to himself and then bowed his head. He solemnly looked up and then read the brief aloud: "This mission in which you have been chosen to complete is a classified threat level omega," everyone gasped as they knew that a code omega meant a near suicide assassination mission where if lucky, one person would get out alive. ...read more.


Inside, the ship was very basic, with two benches and a mission brief television nearer the front. It was quiet aboard the ship for the full journey apart from the gentle humming of the engine. Slowly they felt the speed slowly stop at about 5000 feet above sea level. All recruits put their parachutes on and one by one jumped out. The journey down slowed at about 2000 feet as the squad let rip on their parachutes and gradually drifted down towards the baron land. Mippling noticed an outlook post which, according to the brief was their way in. They manoeuvred through the wooded area of trees and mass foliage for a covered landing. On their way down one man, unknown to the lieutenant, hit a branch and was killed with blood spurting everywhere. Mippling showed no emotions like always as he knew and his squad knew that deaths were inevitable. Then they continued onwards to where the outpost was situated. Covered in foliage put on through entering the forestry, Mippling and his squad now moved through dense woods in a north north east direction. They came across little dangerous plants which were expected, but, the first plant ate the lead man as quick as we could blink and from then on the rest of the squad were much more cautious of the dark green man traps. ...read more.


It took a few seconds to accept the card while two lights flashed back and forth, then pushing the card out leaving the green light on. They had access to the balcony above the great hall! The colonel slightly opened the door and kept in keeping low. The atmosphere was completely different here with lots of loud noises for the feast. The loaded up his gun and took aim as Private Ryan came in and took aim also. They both took aim on the colonel's head as Mippling took a little snigger. There was a loud scream as to bullets hit the colonel, one through his heart and the other in between his eyes. Quickly before anyone noticed 4 grenades were thrown into the midst for confusion as the tree snipers left the room and continued on their way back out. "Ooh, revenge is sweet" Mippling said as they ran back to the airplane that dropped them off which was now situated in the open plane cut away by a grenade. As they boarded Mippling said gratefully to his fellow 10 comrades left "well done guys, that's a 47th mission well done, even if we did suffer a few casualties." As they sat down and the plane took off the men mourned for the journey back over the death of their fellow men. The End Total words = 1630 Miss Kitson Revenge Jason Dealey 01/05/2007 10N 1 ...read more.

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