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the listeners

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The Listeners "The Listeners" by Walter Del La Mare is a poem, which has an unexpected ending. I will show how the poet creates mood and atmosphere through imagery, alliteration, rhythm and rhyme. I felt this poem is very strange because it is ghostly and spooky. "The Listeners" is about a "traveller" who comes to an empty house in the forest floor and keeps on knocking on the door asking " I s there anybody there?" ...read more.


The atmosphere in this poem is strange but daring as there are always questions left unanswered which the reader has to try and work out. The style in the poem is in narrative style because there are no verses and reads like a story. The rhythm is 12 and 7 beats in every 2 lines this means that there is a rhythm patterns which means every second line rhymes. ...read more.


This is another good example of alliteration as it makes me think that the silence is surging back when the traveller is gone because there is no one left alive. My conclusion for "The Listeners" is that it is a good poem with great alliteration as it makes the poem a wee bit more scary. I think the mood creates a kind of weird atmosphere as there is no one there but the "Traveller" is still perplexed by this as he has sort of arranged a meeting of some sort and is keen to let them know "that I called". ...read more.

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