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The Little Black boy

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The Little Black Boy This poem, The Little Black Boy written by William Blake describes the consequences of racial discrimination. This poem is about an innocent black boy who has a low self esteem perceiving that white is greater than black. The main theme in this poem is equality. There are a variety of literary devices used mainly similes and metaphors in order to convey the message to the readers. The little black boy also perceives the world in a very childish way thus looking up to the white boy. The structure of this poem corresponds to the contents of the poem. The poem is aligned to the right, the opposite of how a poem is usually written. This is because, the child's views are all opposites, for instance, And I am black, but O! ...read more.


The mother is counseling her son, that it is the inner beauty that matters not the appearance. This is illustrated by the phrase, "black bodies and sun burnt face...Is but a cloud, and like a shady grove". This depicts that the black bodies and faces is just the appearance which is symbolized by a "cloud". I feel that William Blake has chosen a cloud because a cloud will eventually fade off just like in the lives of a human being. Then, there is the transition from the materialistic world to Heaven. This is portrayed by the phrase, "our souls have learnt the heat to bear, the clouds will vanish, we shall hear his voice". This means that when humans have learned to receive the heat, then we shall go to Heaven. ...read more.


This is shown by the phrase, "upon our father's knee". This shows that the black boy looks at the white boy as a brother. The black boy's innocence and maturing can be seen from the last line of the sixth stanza. The phrase is, "shade him from the heat till he can bear". This shows that the black boy will shield him from the heat of the sun until he can take it by himself. This shows that the black boy has a protective nature towards the white boy. In a nutshell, I think that William Blake has done a great job by using Spirituality to convey the message of equality. God is a powerful symbol to everyone in the world, and William Blake has used God to make a significant impact on everyone on equality. In overall, I think that the poem has a significant impact on the readers. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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