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The Little Princess

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Page 1 Once there was a beautiful and adventurous girl named Samantha. She was the youngest of three daughter to the king David, king of Giana. In the place there was a special secret cave that can lead you to a secret garden. To enter the garden you had to be the age of fifteen. Samantha's fifteenth birthday was coming up in a few months. Her sister always teased Samantha that the garden was so beautiful and lush. Samantha and her friends Charlie the dog and Cassandra the cat were getting more and more determined each day to see what the garden looks like. Every time Samantha and her friends tried to get the key they always got caught by the king. There was only one other person who had the key, the old and grumpy witch Patzilla. She lived in the deepest and darkest parts of the kingdom Giana. ...read more.


With streaming pools of fresh water, lush green trees and gorgeous colourful Page 2 flowers. She was left speechless, it was such a beautiful sight. The sight was a indescribable scenery. Samantha started her journey after a sit down and small bit to eat. She came across many cute and cuddly animals on the way. Samantha met some new friends called Brittney the bunny, Theodore the chipmunk and daisy the deer. Her new friends helped Samantha find a nice place to sleep, so she would be nice and fresh for a big day looking for that precious jewel. As the sun began to rise the next morning, Samantha woke up to a surprising fright. She had forgotten that she was at the secret garden. Her animal friends had already made Samantha breakfast when she woke up. They had made her some eggs and special fruits. Samantha ate her breakfast very fast, because she was very hungry. ...read more.


Page 3 As she came to the mouth of the cave she saw Patzilla with a wicked smile on her face. As Samantha came closer to the witch she got more and more nervous. When Samantha came to Patzilla said with a loud voice "YOUR LATE SAMANTHA". " I know" replied Samantha nervously. Patzilla's punishment for Samantha was that she would become Patzilla's servant. When Samantha's sister's found out about this they told their father what Samantha had done. King David went to visit Patzilla and agreed to hand over the kingdom to her if he could have Samantha back. As the king knew that she would die from old age. Patzilla accepted the king's offer and moved into the castle. Samantha and her family moved to a small farm cottage for the meanwhile. As the king predicated Patzilla died after a while and the king and his family moved back into the castle. And they lived happily ever after. The end By Belinda Koikkalainen ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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